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Sep 29, 2008 01:20 PM

Best Sliders in DC?

Green Turtle?
Coco Sala?

Gods of Chowhoud, what proclaim you?

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  1. I had some really good sliders at West End Bistro about a month ago.

    1. Recently the sliders at the bar at 701 were yummy. I like the Matchbox offering, too.

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      2. unexpected but ugly mug's are so, so good. and cheap on wednesday nights. also wolfgang puck's restaurant, the source, has some incredible kobe beef sliders — but they'll set you back a pretty penny. matchbox's have great flavor, but never seem to come out hot. my vote for best in show goes to ugly mug.

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          Really?! I have only had hot sliders at Matchbox-and I have been many times.
          If I were you, if this happens again, I would politely send them back for a do-over =)
          Matchbox's appetizer apple gorgonzola is great, too, by the way!

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            I like the pizza at Matchbox better than the sliders. They were ok but not memorable, and cooked past the med. rare we ordered. The onion straws that came with them were delightful though.

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              In DC I vote for Matchbox, with the onion and pickle and gorgonzola yum! I have never had them come out cold though.

              In VA, Eat Bar so far wins for me if it is just a burger slider.

              Eleventh St. Lounge has great pulle dpork sliders.

              For other non-burger PS7 does have good tuna sliders, they are one of the few things one the bar menu I thought was really good.

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                In general I don't really get the appeal of Matchbox, but I do like the miniburgers there. (Don't think the pizza is particularly special, personally.)

          2. Are we talking just beef burgers or adding turkey, salmon, tuna, etc in the mix?

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            1. Vinoteca (11th & U) makes great sliders:
              Lamb with Feta and eggplant
              Venison with Brie and roasted Poblano chili (additional $1 per)
              Bison with Mozzarella and grilled tomato
              Beef with Cheddar and caramelized onions
              Tuna burger with chili mayonnaise
              Grilled Portabella mushroom with miso/tahini sauce

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                I just had the sliders at Vinoteca last night... the Lamb one is to DIE for (and I'm not usually even a fan of lamb)! The Bison was great, too.