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Sep 29, 2008 01:20 PM

Asheville - Sunday brunch Modesto

After a couple of disappointing dinners here we decided to give it a shot for a Sunday brunch. Overall it was ok.
Here were the positives:
-Initially very attentive waiter who was very thoughtful about his wine recommendations.
-more than ample portions
-colorful plates
-loved the Chupacabra

Not so keen about
-the waiter disappearing midway through the meal and having to flag him down while he buzzed past us...I guess this meant they were understaffed but I saw several servers so...
-we ordered a shrimp and grits and were brought rice (albeit good rice) instead without any sort of explanation or apology. We overheard a server telling another table ("I don't know why they didn't make grits today..."
-I had a fish "crepe" with fish and chorizo which was just sort of dry. It was helped by the sweet potato puree and would have been great w/ a bit more salsa - oddly only about a tablespoon on my plate.

The usual 'throw everything on the plate together and hope for the best' style of presentation reminiscent of Salsa's. Fortunately my post-meal tummy seemed to do fine - unlike some Salsa's experiences.

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  1. Sure you have the right restaurant? Sounds like you're reviewing Chorizo's (next door). And yes, I've seen many reviews here about the uneven service, food substitutions, etc. It still remains one of my favorite restaurants in Asheville. Great flavor combos and value for your money. I think the board has beaten this one to death.

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