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Sep 29, 2008 12:55 PM

anything good at ciudad lately?

got a 20% off coupon at whole foods and haven't been in a couple years since they redid the bar. they have a new chef now too, so i'm hoping for something new and different.

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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. I was there back in late July and had a great meal. I can't comment on "new" or "different" because this was my first trip.

      Here are my thoughts from the visit:

      On my first, and only other trip to L.A., I ate at Border Grill in Santa Monica, so I was anxious to try Mary Sue and Susan's other restaurant in town. I started out with the tortilla soup. A rich, amber broth topped with cheese and guacamole, this preparation was different (and much better) than what I'm used to with tortilla soup. For the main dish, I was having trouble deciding between the Carnitas, the Tamale, or the Moqueca, but ultimately went with the Carnitas, based on the recommendation of my server. I'm sure the other choices would have been great, but the Carnitas did not disappoint. The pork was tender and nicely seasoned, the yuca were cooked perfectly and had a wonderful texture, and the black beans and corn salsa were fine additions. The dish was also served with a few honey-glazed plantains that were outstanding. My only regret about the meal was that the dinner portion was so huge that I didn't have room for dessert. I was looking forward to a slice of tres leches (which I remembered fondly from Border Grill), but I was forced to pass. On the downside, the dining room was extremely loud, but to be fair I did have a table right next to the bar. I should have taken advantage of the patio. A band was playing the night I was there (not sure if that's an every-night occurrence, or just once a week) and most seemed to be enjoying the music.

      1. Ciudad's menu is very hit-and-miss, but as a general rule I find the more simple and straightforward the preparation the better, e.g., tacos, carnitas, etc.