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Sep 29, 2008 12:49 PM

Need alternate to North 44, help!

My husband and I have a great "relationship" with North 44 (had our first date there, he proposed there, birthday go-to place).

Big b-day coming up and the place is booked for a private function!!

We love the food there and need a comprable experience in terms of food, ambiance etc.

I was thinking Perigee, but is the cost off the North 44 charts? Any other suggestions?

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  1. bymark? MM's other restaurant...(he also has one in yorkville but I think that better for cocktails and patio....) i have booked our wedding anniversary at bymark...

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    1. re: robgm

      Scaramouche, no doubt in my mind. Same price point and a guaranteed winner. Food, ambience and by far, the best service in the city.

      1. re: hungryforquality

        Scaramouche is a great suggestion. About the other MM restos, from what I've gathered, One (Yorkville) is not getting many props. Bymark, though not mentioned too frequently on this board, is consistently good from my experience.

    2. I'll second Scaramouche as well.
      Bymark's food is inferior to both N44 and Scaramouche,IMO.
      Lastly, for birthday, I love Truffles! Great food and great romantic atmosphere. Very reasonable price too!

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      1. re: Charles Yu

        Our two personal bests are Scaramouche & Auberge du Pommiers. Either one of these two places get all of our Birthday/Anniversary celebrations.

          1. re: millygirl

            We are booked in to Scaramouche for 9pm this Saturday (last table available...I hope we get a nice view?)

            Thanks for the suggestions.

            As I said, North 44 is largely a sentimental attachment, but we have always had a wonderful experience there, and the food has always been great. We look forward to adding Scaramouche to the list. Review to be posted later!

        1. re: Charles Yu

          Is there really a noticeable difference between Bymark and N44? I haven't been to the latter, but would have thought they're on the same scale.

          I had the tasting menu at Truffles about two years ago, Lynn Crawford might have been in the kitchen at the time. I was very underwhelmed. Good flavours, presentation, yada yada yada. But no single dish that wowed me. And call me crazy, but a place that calls itself Truffles should incorporate it into at least one dish on the tasting menu.

          1. re: grandgourmand

            IMO, there is! N44 provides a more complete and sophisticated package. Foodwise, Bymark's food is a bit too 'one-dimensional' for my liking. N44's are more creative in taste and presentation.

            As for Truffles, I dined there after Crawford left for NYC, the new 'Lady chef' did a wonderful job to the tasting menu. In particular, the 'Lobster three ways'. Remind me a bit of SF's Michelin 2* Michael Mina's version. The sommelier, D'Amato also did a great job with our food/wine pairing..

        2. I would say Auberge du Pommier, Opus, and Scaramouche. These may be a notch above North 44, which I am not too impressed with. I won't go to Bymark or One. These are just not up to par... but I wouldn't go to North 44 either.

          1. Have you tried Terra in Thornhill? The head chef trained under Mark McEwan. The food has always been spectacular.

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            1. re: KevinB

              Terra is very good. I would say way better than N44!

            2. How about George? I don't know why it doesn't get mentioned much on this board. I have always had impeccable food and service there.
              I have to admit I have never been to North 44, but I found their execution to be far superior to Bymark.

              George Street Diner
              129 George St, Toronto, ON M5A2M6, CA