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Sep 29, 2008 12:30 PM

Border Grill Las Vegas Lunch Review

Lunch is so often overlooked in Las Vegas. And I can see/say why, especially for those of us like myself that get away to Vegas for just a long weekend find it difficult tearing themselves away from whatever activity they may have gotten involved (for me it was poker tournament and lounging poolside). I wish I had ventured out more than the 2 lunches I did get out for and I wish it was to different restaurants but alas, it wasn't.

We went to Border Grill for both our lunches. Not cheap and certainly not the best margaritas by any means, I find Border Grill to be an above average lunch spot. I had the fish tacos one day and the rock shrimp tacos the next. Both were excellent, although I preferred the rock shrimp better. Both had a delicious mix of cucumber jicama slaw and had a nice spice to them, especially the rock shrimp. The Beer battered cod tacos were really very good I just preferred the sautéed rock shrimp better. And both days we shared the steak tacos in the middle of the table which worked out great for 6 guys. They were delicious, with loads of ingredients (great chips, black beans, steak-from what I can tell was skirt, although for some reason I never asked...might have been the 1000 or so Coronas-, corn, green onion, cheese, sour cream, guacamole... ). All in all a GREAT lunch spot that consistently hits high notes.

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  1. Border Grill is one of my favorite casual/lunch spots in Vegas. I like it even more for Sunday brunch, they have lots of great egg dishes. I often don't eat lunch in Vegas (takes away gambling time) but if I do it is usually Border Grill or Olives (on the deck overlooking the fountains).

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      Yeah I'm making this a lunch spot next month for my trip. I love mexican so I figured what the hey. Plus if you go on, you can buy a $25.00 gift card ($50.00 min. purchase) for $10.00 which is a great deal.

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        I LOVE Olives for lunch (their flatbread pizzas and steak salads are GREAT!) when staying at the Bellagio. I was staying at the Four Seasons (great deal where you pay for 2 night get 3rd free. Worked out to $207 per night for the Four Seasons.) which made the Border Grill a very convenient location.

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          I avoided Border Grill because my experience at the Santa Monica version was possibly the worst service I've ever received......well, that and Sensi at Bellagio.

      2. We've had two successful lunches at Border Grill as well, the most recent less than two months ago. We were staying at Mandalay and thought it would be nice to have lunch there on the day we arrived since we always arrive around noon (driving from L.A.). I like the Vegas outpost much better than Santa Monica. Santa Monica is waaaaay too LOUD. There's a turkey tostada on the lunch menu, I found the turkey to be too dry and essentially flavorless, but on my second try I subbed shrimp (for some extra $ but this option is on the menu) and it was much better. Decent heat, crunch, juiciness. Great textures in that dish. I forget what my husband ate, maybe a taco trio. Good lunch spot in the $50 for two range (no booze).