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Sep 29, 2008 12:15 PM

Fat Burger in columbia

Does anyone know when the Fat Burger is going to open in Columbia. When I lived in CA, they were AWESOME!! Now, if only someone would bring Tommy Burgers here from CA, then we'd be set!!

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  1. This might be the first post ever about burgers and CA that didn't mention In-N-Out.

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    1. re: Mister Big

      In-N-Out is great - but no one's brought it out here yet, which is a great shame!!

    2. We just got back from lunch at Mama Lucia's in Columbia and saw the Fat Burger spot two doors down. It does not look open yet, but they were working on it. Maybe it will be open in another week or two.
      I've never dined at a Fat Burger- what makes their food so good?

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      1. re: maddogg280

        the beef is good (although they also offer turkey), they allow you to choose between fried and charbroiled and the toppings are good. The burger is significantly bigger than In and Out's offering. Also out of the ordinary is that they offer you the option of fat or skinny fries. The Fatburger I perenially went to on the corner of Vermont and Hollywood in Los Angeles had the best onion rings in the entire city (though if I recall other locations were not as good).

      2. I stopped at the Fatburger Monday, and two guys inside said that it would open in three weeks. Take that with a grain of salt because people have heard other reports earlier.


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        1. re: HowChowBlog

          I was just asking about this on a Z Burger post. Very excited for Fatburger. Will make a trip from DC out there once it opens.