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Sep 29, 2008 11:30 AM

Awesome Malaysian Foods

I was in Carrollton TX to visit my friends during my summer break. And my friends knew that i was longing for my hometown food "Malaysian Food" for almost 2 year. Since i was came to the states for college my daily diet consist of bacons, eggs and McD.

I was brought to this restuarant call Secret Recipe somewhere in Carrollton. It is a nice casual restuarant and my friends told me that Malaysian Cuisine are actually not on the menu, they had to call the main chef/boss (Alex) to make special orders. Another thing that i realized was that the dining area of the restuarant adopt a comtempory style but in the kitchen it is actually a super clean "tai chou".

Not long after arrivel our dishes arrived, we had Assam Fish (sweet sour fish) , Bak Kut Teh ( pork hotpot), Char Kue Teow (Penang Fried Noodle) and Curry Fish Head. The food is not 100% like the ones in Malaysia but that is the first time in two years i tasted "home". The food was good expecially the Curry Fish Head, the fish is fresh and the curry got the kick in it. PS: be sure to request for extra spicy. When the bill arrive, i was shock to see the figure on it .... four dishes for only 38USD, that means only 10 bucks for each of us. Food of this quality for a price like this, is definately a daylight robbery. I told Alex before I leave Dallas i want to have Spicy Kam Hiong Crab, also a famous Malaysia dish. He say not a problem but crab is abit more pricy at the states. I still insisted him to prepare the dishes along as the price is not ridiculous. He promise me and i shall be back to this restaurant soon.

This restaurant is feature on

I urge Malaysians and fans of Malaysia food to give this restuarant a try and be sure to call and ask for Alex to inquire about the special orders.

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  1. Thanks for the heads up, Foods. I would've never known it was anything but a generic take out place except for you post (and the excellent laksa curry I had). Sounds like I need a return trip for some of these specialties.

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      I cant insist more on the Malaysian Specialty ..... Make sure u try them .... i think the number and address is on the two website that feature the restuarant... and pls reply to this post about the food and better still with pics ... didnt brought my camera on my visits.

    2. The only Malaysian I've ever had is a Beef Rendang dish at Tom Tom. I'm looking forward to trying some of those dishes!

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        Great News!!

        I know Rendang Chicken is available at Secret Recipe because Mr.Alex gave my frens some samples. According to them the curry is thick and flavorfull, the white meat used was surprisingly moist because the sauce somehow was absorbed into the meat. Damn my frens describe the very details to torment me just becuase i am no longer at dallas ... DAMNNNN i wan to eat RENDANG plus today is Ramadhan day or HARI RAYA.... PS: for those who dont know rendang is also known as Malay Curry with thick spicy sauce.

        1. re: FOODS

          Another place to look for Malaysian food is Bengal Coast. It is in the building with Steel and next to Silver Fox on Oak Lawn.

          After a trip to Singapore, we had cravings for some of the foods and flavors we had while on the Malaysian pensiula. Bengal Coast is definitely Americanized and has some thai and indian dishes as well. Think PF Changs/Pei Wei is to Chinese what Bengal Coast is to Malaysian food.

      2. I went there today while the boss was away abroad, so I couldnt try the out of menu dishes I was craving for. But the food there is really good! We ordered pad thai and Singapore chicken curry(it comes with rice) and it reminds me so much of the food you can get back at home!

        Thanks for tip :)

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          I will agree that the food here is very good. My wife and I have been on several ocassions and the staff go above and beyond. The place is set up similar to a Pei Wei type place but the food quality is far superior, even the pickled jalapenos are house made. The chefs are from San Luis Potosi (Mexico) and are very happy at the restaurant and you can tell in the cooking. I have had the curry laksa on several occasions and love it. The only complaint I would have is the serving sizes seem a bit large for the price. Not many people have a complaint about this but I would like to see these guys survive. If you are in the area of Vista Ridge Mall, by all means, pass by Pei Wei and make it to Secret Recipe you won't regret it.

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            That curry laksa is a great dish in this cold weather!