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Sep 29, 2008 11:26 AM

Far W. Vill - For a Friday night, 3 ppl, won't rush us and not too loud

Hey all, back in need of another recommendation. In 2 weeks my mother is coming up to visit and she'll get to meet my girlfriend, so looking for somewhere delicious where we won't feel rushed and isn't terribly loud.

We're starting the night off at the NY Food & Wine Festival's "Meatpacking Uncorked," which should give us time to have some good wine and walk around and build up an appetite. Would then like to go for a 9/930PM dinner within walking distance, and was thinking somewhere in the Far West Village along the lines of Malatesta, which I absolutely love, but wouldn't mind trying some place new.

We're all very open and pretty much open to any type of food, but price should be somewhere in the $15-25 for main course (a place like Perry St. would prob be a bit much for this occasion). Suggestions? What about Da Andrea? I've heard good things

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  1. I think Da Andrea would work very well. If you were to go earlier it might be rushed, but at the hour you are looking for it should be fine. The food is quite good and a very good value.

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      Thanks rrems...does anyone have any other suggestions in the event we don't want Italian?