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Sep 29, 2008 11:25 AM

Lobster in Portland, ME

Had a great weekend in Portland, ME (weekend of 9/26/08) and ate at many places, mostly those recommended in Chowhound. We ate lobster 3 times w/ different experiences... HOpe this info helps!

Lobster prices at restaurants were quite varied regardless of the "market" price...

J's Oysters ($24.95 for 1 1/4# - corn on the cob and clams - yummy!). Definitely a locals joint, but drinks and appetizers were great; friendly waiters.

Dry Dock ($18.95 for 1 1/4# - no sides). Had to ask for napkins, silverware, salt/pepper and mayo for a sandwich, so waitress was not quite attentive... we came in the evening, but NOT that late.

Old Port ($45 for 1 3/4# - includes vegie and 1 side). The ONLY benefit was that they split the tail and cut the claws for easier eating... BUT the waitress threw the menus at us and although she came back to fill waters frequently, was not anywhere to be found when we wanted our check.

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  1. Thanks for the report. J's is great but I can't remember it being that expensive for a lobster. Oh, it was with clams.....I see.

    1. We love J's Oyster which keeps pumping out seafood at very reasonable prices. Next time, check out the oysters, haddock filet sandwich and the beers on tap. One other place that wasn't mentioned is Gilbert's Chowder house up the block on Commercial. 1950's diner decor bu the chowders are great and they have a 2 for 1 lobster special for $30 which provided the tastiest lobster we had last summer.

      1. I just returned to Philly from Portland yesterday and cast another vote for J's. A baker's dozen of Blue Point Oysters was $11.50 and the lobster roll (a whole tail and claw meat) was exceptional. As for Gilbert's, the fried oysters and the chowders were also good but J's wins for portions, quality and price.