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Canned Mackerel ... it's like Chinese Spam!

I must admit, growing up I ate quite a bit of canned mackerel in tomato sauce.

I'd spoon it over fried ice, maybe even top it off with a fried egg or two.

Roll them up in Chinese pancakes and you've got what probably amounts to the bastard child of a burrito and French crepes.

Sometimes, if the weather was a bit chilly, there was nothing quite as satisfying as a big bowl of congee mixed with a half a can of mackerel in tomato sauce.

Then there were times when I just got lazy, and ate it straight out of the can ... washed down with some Saltines.

And, of course, canned mackerel also goes really well in a sandwich, or more likely in my case a nice sturdy submarine roll and topped with some Kimchi. Is there such a thing as Chinese white-trash lobster roll? If so, then this was it.

Any other canned mackerel fans out there? Or am I delusional?

I just recently bought a case of these things (yes, a case ... one whole big box!).

Who needs Hormel and their Spam ... mackerel's got more protein (pound for pound) than steak, and has all those good omega fatty acids, and is equally versatile.

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  1. Canned mackerel is evil. My parents forced me to eat it 30 years ago and I'm still bitter about it. (Actually, I have such bad memories, I'm almost curious to try it again.....almost.)

    1. I'm with you on this one!!!

        1. i like the japanese canned mackerel. It looks like this: http://images.google.com/imgres?imgur...

          tasty stuff

          1. I love it, it was my favourite when I was around 10 or so.. good stuff.

            1. I use it to make salmon-like croquettes. I have also used it to make a simple stew.....just saute in a little butter with cracked black pepper, add some milk and heat through. The kids and I eat the stew with saltines. My parents always made that stew using fresh oysters or canned salmon.

              1. there is nothing wrong with canned mackerel, but it is not chinese spam.
                this is chinese spam.

                1. I love canned mackerel. I never bought the tomato-y type, just straight jack mackerel, and prepare it the same as tuna salad.
                  Great stuff.

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                  1. re: The Professor

                    >>prepare it the same as tuna salad.

                    Right, me too. I smash up salmon and kippers and sardines with the mackerel. I like it better than tuna.

                  2. Our family usually had the sardines and not the mackerel, though it's basically the same stuff.

                    However, our family also ate "real" chinese spam, but it's known as luncheon meat (guess it's one of those British affectations HK people picked up.

                    1. my parents didn't feed it to me when i was a kid (they were anti canned food). but i discovered it at latin grocery stores in los angeles when i lived there after college. LOVE that stuff! especially the slightly spicy varieties and esp. over rice, all dolled up with some snips of scallions or chives... GREAT. i'm going to look for some for tonight's dinner. =D

                      1. We ate it with white rice. Sure brings back memories.