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Sep 29, 2008 10:56 AM

Interesting Grenache/Grenache Blends Tasting - 9/27

The wines were tasted blind. The only rule was that the wines had to be at least 50% Grenache. Here's how they stacked up:

Average Score Winery Wine Details
87.81818182 D'Arenburg 2005 D'Arry's Original, McLaren Vale, Australia
86.72727273 El Chaparral 2007 De Vega Sindoa, Navarra, Spain
86.45454545 Eaglepoint Ranch 2006 Mendocino County, California
85.54545455 Simon Hackett 2005 Old Vines, McLaren Vale, Australia
85.54545455 Las Rocas 2006 Calatayud, Spain
85.36363636 Mas Doix 2004 Priorat, Spain
85 Masia D Bielsa 2007 Borja Rose, Spain
84.63636364 Tapena 2006 Barcelona, Spain
84.09090909 Mas Donis Barrica 2005 Celler de Capcanes, Spain
83.72727273 Perrin & Fils 2006 Les Christins, Vacqueyras, France
83.54545455 Moulin de la Gardette 2005 Gigondas, France
83.36363636 Eaglepoint Ranch 2006 Mendocino County, California
82.90909091 Domaine Andre Brunel 2006 Cotes du Rhone, France
82.81818182 Domaine Les Pallieres 2005 Gigondas, France
81.27272727 Alain Corcia 2006 Crème de la Crème, Chateauneuf-du-Pape, France
80.54545455 Domaine de la Vieille Julienne 2005 Lieu-Dit Clavin, Cotes du Rhone
80.09090909 Cedarville Vineyard 2005 El Dorado Reserve, California
75.72727273 Masia D Bielsa 2007 Borja, Spain

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  1. I used to consider 85 ( out of 100 ) already too fine grained for me.
    And now ... WOW! A rating of 85.54545455 ?
    That's très rechérché, to say the least.

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    1. re: RicRios

      :) Actually, everyone at the party (12 people) gave the wine a score. Those numbers above were the averages across the group, which consisted of a wide range of tasters (a couple of industry professionals, a couple of people with limited experience/exposure, and everything in-between). Sorry if that seemed confusing! I couldn't fit the whole spreadsheet in the reply box.

    2. How'd they taste? It's hard for me to tell if you don't carry it out to the 10th decimal point.

      All joshing aside, I've always found the Las Rocas to be a reliably good cheap pour, the Mas Donis too.

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      1. re: Frodnesor

        Agreed - in fact, generally speaking, most tasters felt that Spain owned the night.

        Interesting - did you see the double entry of the Eaglepoint Ranch? Rather significant bottle variation, as a side-to-side proved after the wines were revealed.

      2. the Las Rocas was and may still be a very good qpr. Les Palllieres is a long-time favorite.

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        1. re: ibstatguy

          I have to say... to be fair, we opened all the wines as they were "blinded" so to speak, so they had only been open about a half hour before the tasting, which then lasted about 90 or so minutes. We corked them that night, and several people came over and tried them all again the next day. Virtually all of the French wines tasted significantly better the next day... they just needed more time to open up. So the results speak poorly of the French entrants, but I wonder if the wines had been open much longer, if the French wouldn't have fared better by comparison...

          1. re: Kenois

            The D'Arenberg Original is one of my house wines. Glad to see others appreciated it as well, but how can you have a Grenache/Garnacha tasting without a bottle of Borsao Tres Picos??

            1. re: taboni

              At our tastings, we ask people to not tell anyone what wines they are bringing - and they are "blinded" immediately, so with the exception of your own wines, you literally have no idea what's going to be offered. I guess nobody brought the Tres Picos, which is a shame, I agree - I would have loved to see how it fared.

              1. re: taboni

                You got that right. Also 'Energie' from Domaine Viret, and any Banyuls. Used to get Tres Picos at PJ's in the Bronx for 9/ bottle by the case delivered 18 months ago, no longer now around 13