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Sep 29, 2008 10:52 AM

Late Lunch/Drinks in Federal Hill OR Citizen's Plaza area (Providence)

Hello - my husband and I are coming up for our 1st wedding anniversary for the Waterfire on October 11th. We are seeking a place to have lunch on Friday when we arrive. We are staying at the Hilton on Atwells Blvd and will be making our way towards Citizens Plaza for an 8:00 gondola ride. (corny maybe, but hopefully romantic!). Then we are going to go to Broadway Bistro for dinner after the ride.

Any good places to have a late lunch/snack and cocktails in either of those areas? We will probably be looking to eat around 4:00-4:30 so nothing super heavy since we will be also having dinner again around 9ish. Just looking for something that would fall along the path between our hotel and Citizens plaza so we don't have to detour too much! And that is open during that weird dining time...

oh, and does anyone know what time Broadway Bistro stops serving dinner? I see they are open til 2:00am but I cannot find when they stop serving dinner.


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  1. If the weather is nice, I'd sit by the fountain at DePasquale....not sure who'll still have tables outside that late in the season but would be worth checking. Also, the owners of Al Forno are supposed to be opening up a small downtown tapas spot, that might work.

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    1. re: JaneRI

      Congratulations on your anniversary! My husband and I will be celebrating our 13th on October 11th, and will be spending it at Waterfire as well.

      I completely agree with Jane. The fountain is really charming, and there are so many spots there to grab a bite. I love the drink menu at Cafe Dolce Vita, you may try there. They have a little tent with a heater, so they can definitely be counted on to have tables out.

      Now let's hope for nice weather!

      1. re: dagwood

        Congrats on your 13th!! Cafe Dolce Vita looks promising... and pitchers of drinks looks dangerous!! :) -- Sitting outside sounds fun!

        how is the food at Cafe Dolce Vita?

      2. re: JaneRI

        Thanks Jane... the fountain idea sounds great... can you give me any places to research at DePasquales Plaza? I tried googling it but came up with nothing.

        Do you know what the tapas place is called and if it is open?

        1. re: tapas gal

          Hi, if the weather cooperates my first choice would be - hands down - Venda Ravioli. Good Italian food (smallish portions, fairly refined compared to a lot of gloppy heavy red sauce Italian you'll get in RI). Caffe Dolce Vita has good food but IMO the outdoor space is a bit lacking....resin tables & chairs (a pet peeve of mine) crammed in very tightly. Having said that, I'd still choose that over sitting indoors. Right around the corner from the fountain is Pastiche, a little dessert spot. It's especially nice when the weather's not nice, as they have a fireplace and serve some nice tea concoctions to go w/the desserts.

          I looked on Al Forno's website to see if they had a mention of their new spot and they don't.....I wonder if they ditched the idea w/the hit the restaurant industry is taking?

          1. re: JaneRI

            Does Venda Ravioli have heated outdoor seating also? I would definitely prefer to sit out side as well. The menu looks good and they have Calamari with lemon and hot peppers (one of the reasons we are coming back to Providence)...I think that preparation is a RI thing? Where I am from (Baltimore) it is just served with marinara which pales in comparison. We have to go to Carrabas (a chain) to get something close!

            1. re: tapas gal

              You know, I want to say I can picture stand-up heaters there, but that might be just wishful thinking? Website is, give them a call. You might even get them to fax or e-mail a sample menu to you (it changes frequently, if not daily). Keep in mind if the weather isn't good but you like the look of the menu, they serve all year, but you'd be at a small table inside the retail store (a cool place)....depending on how you see it, it could be considered anything from cramped & noisy to cozy & European.

            2. re: JaneRI

              Al Forno's new spot (Tini) is definitely still in the works. It's across from Trinity Rep, and I heard it is supposed to open sometime late fall.

              1. re: frobb

                Thanks! I couldn't find anything online and I'm never in that neighborhood.