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Sep 29, 2008 10:27 AM

Post Theatre Recommendations Needed

I'm going to see In the Heights on a Saturday night, and the show probably won't let out until 10:30pm or so. Looking for some place to have dinner afterwards, so it needs to serve until fairly late. I know a lot of kitchens don't close until late, but I'm looking for some fairly trendy recommendations where there will still be a good crowd at that time so we won't feel like the only ones there.

Any cuisine will do, just looking for good food and vibe at that time of night.

Thanks in advance for any recommendations...

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  1. I am also interested to find restaurants that fit your description and would like to hear from others with suggestions. Some to consider:
    Nobu 57
    Double Crown
    Spice Market

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    1. Orso. Always busy after theater, great food, and many celebrities. Hope you can still get a reservation.