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Sep 29, 2008 09:51 AM

Canmore R.M. Flatbread Company

Is now open for lunch Friday, Saturday and Sunday. We were so excited to be able to enjoy lunch there this weekend and at "lunch prices."
Soup or salad with flatbread pizza or pasta 14.95 and a full order of each! Pasta only at dinner is in the 22.00 range....
Half order of Antipasto plate 7.50, it fed 4 of us nicely before lunch.
It was so refreshing to have an excellent meal at a restaurant, just a simple lunch,but it was so good and worth every penny.
The place was packed, so hopefully they can keep up the new hours.

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  1. Thanks for the heads up -- this weekend will have beautiful weather, nice for the trek out!

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      If you're interested, my contributing colleague provided his thoughts and some images on his recent visit there as well. Link is: