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Sep 29, 2008 09:33 AM

Swan Room at Aureole

We don't mind paying the upcharge to sit in the Swan Room, but the thought occurred to me that maybe the swans will all be asleep at night???

Sounds silly, but that's the reason we're sitting out there.

Other reason is the regular dining room's decor really doesn't do anything for me. To those of you who have eaten in the Swan Room, were you glad you did?

Also, the water where they are swimming around - is that the same water that is outside the Buffet, Cafe, and some other restaurants? Or is it a separate water feature just for Aureole?

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  1. The swans are wide awake at dinner. This may be normal or just a function of their knowing that they might be fed pieces of bread by the diners. In any case, the minute we went out there they converged on us and through the meal swam on by. The water they swim around in is only by the swan room. Oddly, I found it more romantic than my wife did, who had no desire to go out there more than once.

    The only thing I missed about not sitting in the other room was watching the wine angels in action.

    Service was excellent. Food was mixed. I liked the onion soup and my wife like the Hawaiian Hamach Duo. My wife had a wonderful special shrimp entree. My beef entree had an odd sauce and was so so.

    Don't remember desert, but believe we shared something yummy.

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    1. re: Ian F

      That sounds great - thanks. For some reason we could care less about the wine tower - we saw it on the travel channel once and I think once you've seen it, you've seen it.

      Did you sit in one of the booths or at a table by the window?

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        We sat at a table by the window. I had asked for the Swan Room in our reservation, but when we arrived they tried to seat us in the main room. I asked if we could sit in the Swan Room, and five minutes later they took us there. I think they probably didn't notice the request when they went to seat us. Anyway, the service could not have been better.

    2. The Swan Court is an entirely different restaurant, IMO. While the main dining room is bustling, loud and has a real hip feel to it, the Swan Court is the polar opposite. The pace is slow, the service is attentive and the food is stellor whichever room you choose to dine in. It is ideal for a romantic evening which is the reason we enjoy it so much. The swans have been out in full force on all of my visits there. The price of Swan Court is only around $10 more than the main dining room. This seem negligible to me.

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      1. re: climberdoc

        I agree, and it sounds delightful. I requested a window table.

        1. re: Eujeanie

          I'll put in a pitch for the booths. They are large and secluded. You feel like the only party in the restaurant. They are also very comfy. For a party of 2 it seems like the way to go. Larger parties, get a table. You can go outside and view the swans at your leisure.

      2. I dined in the Swan Court in early December (it was chilly) and the swans were out in full force. They are lovely. I prefer the Swan Court; it's a lovely room with attentive service. Food is excellent.

        1. I had my most memorable dining experience ever in the Swan Room in July 2006 for my honeymoon. My wife and I sat in a booth and everything was perfect. Every course was fantastic. I had a delmonico steak and my wife had a tenderloin. Both were perfectly cooked. I didn't care for the potato with my steak and my wife didn't care for hers but we traded potato dishes and we each loved what the other had so everything worked out great. I would definately recomend the Swan Room at Aureole for an elegant and quiet dinner.