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Sep 29, 2008 09:32 AM

What to get in Seoul that's not available in LA K-town

I'm flying out to Tokyo and Seoul in a little over a week so I'm finishing up my research on food to get while I'm over there. There's a lot of stuff online about the Tokyo food scene, but comparatively little on Seoul.

Having grown up in Southern California, I'm very familiar with Korean food even though I'm not Korean. I'm not an expert of K-town by any means, but I've had the fortune of sampling lots of really authentic Korean food there.

What I'm looking for are foods and restaurants that have some local specialty or just stuff that's not available in K-town for whatever reason. One example of something I came across that I want to try is hotteok, since there's no street food scene in LA K-town. Are there any other particular street foods I should keep an eye out for? I also saw some post on a random blog about a restaurant in Seoul where they specialize in grilled eel. Stuff like that.

Thanks to anyone who can help me out before my trip!

PS: Where should I get some good Korean Fried Chicken in Seoul? Or should I just skip that since I have access to Bonchon and Kyochon here as well as various small Korean pubs with this item on their menu?

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  1. I don't think I've seen pondaeggi (boiled silkworms soup) in LA K-town. There are some street stalls in Dongdaemun where I've tried that.

    You can also explore the food street near Namdaemun market - try nakchae: live octopus, which they serve to you swimming in a glass bowl. Grab one by the head, dip it into kochujang sauce & eat.

    If you don't mind being politically-incorrect, you can also try su-yuk (grilled dogmeat, served with raw salads/sesame leaves/kochujang & doenjang dips) & poshintang (spicy dog-bone soup) available in some speciality restaurants especially during the winter months. I can't possibly bring myself to eat dog, but those who did said it tasted like chicken dark-meat. I think I'll stick to real chicken.