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Sep 29, 2008 09:22 AM

Burlington County NJ: Heirloom apples?

Hi everyone:
About a year or so ago, there was an article in either the Phila Inquirer or the Courier Post about a farm in Burlington Co that grows a wide variety of heirloom apples. I am almost certain it is in the Crosswicks area. This farm sells other produce as well, but they do allow you to pick your own. From the fall until early December, they have apples. One of the heirloom apples they mentioned in the article was an original Black Apple which the first settlers picked and kept through the winters. I have a listing of farms in Burlington Co, but none of what I can see speaks directly to the variety of heirloom apples. I do remember calling this farm last year and speaking to someone to get directions. However, I never did get there. Now I have misplaced the article, but have been thinking about taking a trip to this farm. I know the directions I was given were to turn off of route 130N , somewhere right around Farnsworth Ave (in Bordentown), toward Crosswicks. Please, does anyone know about the farm mentioned? Russo's is listed in the Crosswicks area, but I am pretty sure that is not the right farm.
Any ideas? I am an apple snob, so I'm not looking for Red Delicious type apples. I prefer the 'uglier' apples that have the best flavor!

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  1. Ever try Cameos ? It's a sport of Red Delicious - what Red Delicious could have been !

    1. Russo's is the place.Crosswicks-Ellisdale Rd and Extonville Rd.

      1. I live on the edge of Hamilton Twp. between Allentown and Crosswicks, NJ. Russo’s
        Orchard Lane farm is the only pick-your-own orchard that I’m aware in this area. I’d give them a call and see if they grow what you’re interested in. I also found this website that may help you .

        1. Russo's is excellent, with pick your own and also a very good selection indoors for sale. Their farm stand is open from spring to Thanksgiving. Also, about 2 miles west is Strawberry Hill Farm, pick your own apples, peaches in season strictly pick your own.