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Sep 29, 2008 09:19 AM

Someone do Dim Sum in Peterborough PLEASE!

We have 6 sushi places.

We have ALL the big boxes (almost).

We have several steak places.

We have French, Italian, Canadian / Chinese and more.

What we don't have is a dim sum restaurant!

I can arrange for free print advertising for the brave person or persons who open a good quality menu style dim sum place in Peterborough (something like Cha Liu in TO?)... PLEASE!!!! Suffering here for lack of any...

Seriously though... what is the closest 'menu style' dim sum to Peterborough? Do we have to go all the way to Markham / Scarborough?????

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  1. First time poster, long time lurker.

    I second that we need Dim Sum!

    By the way, six sushi restaurants? I can only think of five... Matsu Sushi (x2), Hoshi, Simply Sushi and Sapporo (ugh.)

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    1. re: hailing

      You're right... Why was I thinking 6? Frankly, 5 is still too many, but... We haven't tried Sapporo but I take it that this isn't the place to be? :) We go to Matsu (Park St.), avoiding Hunter... There are only so many times that I want to hear: "HELOOOO HOW ARE YOU?" shouted at the top of lungs in one dining exprience! :)

      1. re: kawarthagirl

        Sapporo is indeed dreadful. Overpriced, horrible sushi, but it's to be expected at a place that values quantity over quality.

        Hehe, they are indeed a little quieter at the Park Street location, especially now that they're under different owners, but I never really minded the "HELLO, HI, HOW ARE YOU?!" - part of the quirky experience. :-)

        Have you seen the Matsu Facebook group?

        1. re: hailing

          hahaha.... I took my Mom to Matsu when he was still doing that at the Park st. location and by the end of the lunch, she was quite frazzled. It was cute the first 15 times... then... not so much. It was a busy Saturday - so very disturbing when you are sitting at the table for 2 right by the sushi bar and it's happening in the middle of your conversation!

          Sapporo is probably designed to appeal to the student crowd - where they often value quantity over quality.

          I, frankly, have stopped dining out in Peterborough all together. The places that are good are not in my price range right now and everything else... well, I just can't be bothered to spend $50 - $60 for mediocre anymore. I'd rather buy some really neat ingredients and cook at home (have you been to the Chinese shop on George Street? They have some wicked good stuff - we got a whole boat load of Thai basil the other day!)

    2. Actually there is, at the Chinese Restaurant at the corner of Chemong and Parkhill (the name escapes me right now). When I went they only did dim sum on the weekends and that was 2 years ago. Give them a call!!!

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      1. re: f1fan

        Yes - they stopped and thank goodness... It was TERRIBLE. I actually refused to pay for some of our meal, and I never do that!

      2. I'd still love to know where the nearest dim sum restaurant is to Peterborough. I am having serious withdrawal symptoms since moving here from Toronto The Good. Please help me end my suffering.