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Sep 29, 2008 08:33 AM

Downtown Chinese for 11 people

So our family would like to celebrate a couple of birthdays with a chinese dinner downtown next Sunday in the late-afternoon, early evening. Some of them are pretty 'Canadian' in their chinese food tastes (including some 9 and 13 year olds) and others far more adventurous. The question is about where you would recommend we check out that can accommodate all of us at one table and where we can be somewhat leisurely (i.e. not rushed out for the growing line at the door).
Would love somewhere in Chinatown as it is transit friendly, though am more than willing to consider other options. Somewhere around $20 per person for food at the top end.

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  1. I suggest E-Pan on Spadina (east side), North of Dundas.

    1. Pearl by the lake has a nice lakefront view and I found that their dinner does cater to more of a 'Canadian' taste. Lots of room there for a large party and is relatively 'upscale', but there probably wouldn't be much for the more adventurous.