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Sep 29, 2008 08:28 AM

Good osso bucco

Stopped by Mandola's in The Triangle yesterday to get some lunch to go and they were packed!! Thankfully, the to-go line was non-existent. While I was hemming and hawing over the menu, the counter girl said "Well, our special today is occo bucco."

Sold! It came with either mashed potatoes or risotto and I got a side salad as well.

Got it home and it was just so good. The risotto was made with saffron, and was very buttery and lemony and had mint sprinkled on top. The veal shanks were SO tender and delicious and the marrow in the bone was great on the bread that came with the entree.

And the salad was great. Simple, very fresh. Sometimes a small salad just tastes so yummy.

Highly recommended. I like Mandola's anyway (the Bresaola salad? Air-dried beef and arugula with lemon juice and parmesan, amazing) but this is going to be a must-have for Sundays.

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  1. I can second the osso bucco, although when I had it, I thought the braising liquid was a tad salty, and I like salty food. It was still very edible, and the meat was perfect. I also love their antipasto salad, but I will have to try their Bresaola salad that you mentioned.

    1. The best I've ever had in Austin was at Asti's--which I think features it during cooler months, so should be soon.

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        I've had the lamb shanks at Asti cooked osso bucco style, and they were excellent, though I haven't had the Veal osso bucco there.

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          Lamb shanks, can't go wrong with those ingredients, unless the meat has spoiled. When I lived in the 'hood, I'd visit Asti more frequently, and know that I definitely had veal osso bucco there, I think the 2nd time I went there. What can one say? One definitely can't complain about Asti's food.

      2. I only knew about Tin Tin Nio's when it existed. Also had some in Buenos Aires. But since then, I've not known where to get it. Then, I found a recipe that cooked it in a pressure cooker, bought some veal shanks at Central Market and with very simple ingredients, voila, freaking osso bucco at home in like 40 minutes (10 minutes prep). Oh, my God! The only thing was that it was somewhat too salty so I have to watch that next time. But man, damn, that was good. For like $10 per shank.

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