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where to order food for yom kippur?

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I will be hosting a small break fast for yom kippur. Probably around 6 people. I want to do bagels, lox, salads etc. I want this to be nice but it doesn't need to be extravagent. I thought about catering it from one place or doing it piece by piece from various places.

I know there are so many options, What are your suggestions on where to get the food?

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  1. Russ & Daughters, on the LES, and Sable, on the UES, would be my picks.

    1. Russ and Daughters is spectacular, but not Kosher. definitely Kosher style, but they also serve chopped liver and chicken soup etc. so not Kosher, but super delicious if kosher is not a requirement for your break-fast. l'shana tova - frankbooth

      1. Definitely agree with Russ & Daughters. If you go in person, be prepared for at least an hour wait. You should call to ask whether you can place your order over the phone for pickup. Tal Bagel is advertising a break-fast smoked fish platter. I think it's $210 to feed 8 - 10 people. I think Tal takes only cash.

        1. I agree that Russ & Daughters is great, but if you are on the UWS or nearby, Zabar's is there, as well as Fairway (I think that Fairway has very good lox).

          1. Barney Greengrass is the real deal. Best to call before hand and place an order which will be ready before yk. Talk to Gary and he'll make sure you get the right amount and the right stuff.

            1. If you decide to go piecemeal, grab some bialys at Kossar's and pickles/pickled things from Essex St Pickle Guys around the corner. Both Kosher under rabbinical supervision.

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                If you go to Russ & Daughters, get some of the Wasabi Caviar to top off your Lox, Bagel & CC sandwiches - ooooooh, baby!

              2. Definitely Russ & Daughters! I don't think I have ever left there without spending at least $80. I usually get the herring in wine sauce, the hand-sliced smoked salmon (at least 6 types to choose from), chopped liver, hand-sliced sable, whitefish & baked salmon spread (they call it a salad). The last time I was there, I arrived 35 minutes before they open and I was the 3rd person in line... and totally worth the wait.