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Sep 29, 2008 08:00 AM

KitchenAid meat grinders

Any comments about how effective/efficient these add-ons are?

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  1. The K.A.grinder, and sausage stuffer, will produce professional results, but on a limited family style scale. The various parts are fairly easy to clean, but this is a problem with all the rest, too, as you don't want any carry-over.
    My only objection to the K.A. grinder is that the loading tube is way higher than the already high K.A. machine, so it is better to set up on a waist-height table for easier feeding.
    Some people say you need two persons to feed the sausage device, but I have made good, well stuffed sausages with two hands.
    This is a good addition to the K.A. machine, and I consider it important now in my kitchen, as I want to grind my own hamburger from selected meat.

    1. I'll second what Jay says but I will also recommend that if you decide to purchase the grinder also purchase the large loading tray that is available. I grind my own beef, pork and chicken and I wouldn't have it any other way. I can control any contamination in a way that I know it;s correctly done.

      1. I recently replaced my old, weak mixer with a KA and purchased the grinder & large food tray. I've used it several times and am very pleased with it. I am on the short side and the KA is set up on a regular height counter. I have to stand on a step stool to use it! I suspect folks 5'9" or taller shouldn't have much problem with this.

        If you were trying to process large amounts of meat at one time it might be wiser to get a dedicated grinder. I have ground 7 lbs. at one time and it has been fine for my use.

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          Thanks all. Just the comments I needed to hear. My height isn't a problem (6'3")... it's my weight!

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            Yeah I don't have a problem at 5'11".

          2. Nothing but praise from me either. At this point, I actually use my KA as much for meat grinding as I do mixing, if not more.

            1. My husband used the KA meat grinder for years, and if was fine until I got an Electrolux Assistent mixer and he bought the meat grinder attachment to go with it. It was like night and day. He couldn't believe that he had lived with the KA grinder for so many years. The EA was way faster, and the meat was more precisely ground to the texture that he wanted.

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              1. re: roxlet

                Roxlet, isn't the diameter larger on the Assistent also?

                We used to use the KA grinder until the crappy plastic housing cracked. We have since been using the Cuisinart stand mixer meat grinder attachment, but I want to buy the one for my Assistent mixer.

                1. re: rasputina

                  I'm not sure what you mean. The diameter of the feed tube or of the discs? Both are larger. It also comes with several discs with holes of varying diameters.

                  1. re: roxlet

                    Yes I mean the diameter of the housing and disks. Not the grind holes themselves.

                2. re: roxlet

                  You're right, the Assistent AKA Ankarsrum meat grinder is so much better than the attachment for the KA. We finally bought the meat grinder set for ours and wow it looks huge compared to the KA and the plates are so much thicker too. It's faster and your comment about the the meat being more precisely ground is spot on.

                  I'm so glad we upgraded.