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Recommendation for Greek cookbook?

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I'm getting into a Greek cooking phase (or rather, I love to eat Greek food and would love to cook it). Since the recent COTM (Glorious Foods of Greece/Diane Cochilas) didn't seem to have good results for the cooks involved, does anyone have any other recommendation for a cookbook with great Greek recipes?


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  1. I saw one at costco the other day, I was browsing the entire book and it seemed really nice. There aren't many reviews online about it because upon researching it seems more popular in the UK and australia.
    It's called: http://www.amazon.co.uk/Culinaria-Gre...

    1. Hey Rafie - The Complete Book of Greek Cooking (Paperback)
      by St. Paul's Greek Orthodox Church (Author) is GREAT. One of my best friends growing up was greek, and her mom approved this book, so consider it the real deal. I've cooked quite a few things from it over the years, and its almost as good as my old friend's mom's cooking.

      1. I have been cooking from The Periyali Cookbook for years, and absolutely love it. Appears to be out of print, but there are 16 used copies available on Amazon.


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        1. I very much like Rosemary Barron's first book , Flavors of Greece. the recipes I have used are well written and produce delicious food.

          Paula Wolferts Grains and Greens and Eastern Med books also have some wonderful greek recipes.

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            ps - maybe Ill get kicked for this but IMO the Barron book and some of the others are preferable to the St. Paul's Orthodox book if you want to get past the the somewhat bland food we expect in Greek American kitchens - with more of the ingredients that have become increasingly available over time, from preserved lemons, to capers, purslane and other bitter greens. I think that the church book delivers the basic dishes well, but if you want more you can do better.

          2. Culinaria Greece : Greek Specialties, Editor: Marianthi Milona. This book is great because it includes information about specialties of each region and their origins, as well as tips and techniques for cooking.

            1. Greek Islands Cooking by Theonie Mark
              Greek Islands Cooking by Theonie Mark. Publisher: Little, Brown & Company; Pub. Date: 01/01/1974; ISBN-13: 9780316546232.
              She used to be on Public TV in Boston, years ago. Great and usable book.

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                I'm so happy to see this mentioned, I have a number of other books (Kochilas, Kremezi, Vefa's Kitchen) and this is the one I go back to the most. The recipes are clear, simple, and they produce great food. That was a lovely cooking show (years ago indeed, I remember it being on in 1974) - Ms Mark was utterly charming.

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                  I have Vefa's Kitchen, but I'm going to have to check out Greek Islands Cooking now, too.

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                    You won't regret it. Wish I could see her show again.

              2. The Olive and the Caper: Adventures in Greek Cooking (Paperback) by Susanna Hoffman, 2004, available at amazon and elsewhere; cooking, recipes, history, culture. Get it used for a better deal (it's pricy new.)

                The Glorious Foods of Greece: Traditional Recipes from the Islands, Cities, and Villages
                by Diane Kochilas, 1st edition, reprinted, very authentic recipes, big, highly recommended and quite pricy but all you'll need. The author is a top-notch food writer.

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                  How to Roast a Lamb by Michael Psilakis and Barbara Kafka.

                2. My favorite is "The Olive and the Caper" by Susanna Hoffman. Not only are the recipes wonderful, but Hoffman is a cultural anthropologist, and her stories behind the recipes reflect that, along with her extensive travels in Greece and the islands.

                  1. Bumping this thread (apologies if there is a more recent one, it is the latest I found).

                    Anything new and noteworthy in Greek cookbooks recently? Perhaps not the most exciting, but I'd love a good kreotopita recipe. I've been attempting to duplicate a local restaurant's version and am just not getting there. I suspect I am making it too tourtiere-like.

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                      What about your kreatopita is "off?" Is it the meat layer? The crust? Flavors? Texture?

                      Greek woman here, hoping to help :)

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                        Thank you : ) but I'm not sure what exactly is off, I have only been comparing it to a particular restaurant (in Toronto, btw). The spicing and texture of the filling, maybe? I'm sure thir filling is much smoother. Mostly I am hoping to find a good recipe, so if you have a personal recipe you could share, I would be grateful!

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                          Thanks, not sure why I didn't come up with that other thread.

                      2. Thanks to paprikaboy I moved my reply to the more recent thread: