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Sep 25, 2003 03:48 PM

REAL RAMEN fans....have you been to...

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Orochon Ramen 5
(213) 617-1766
123 S. Onizuka St., #303,
Los Angeles

I heard its pretty good...opened aboot 6 months ago...

Please if you think asahi ramen or ramenya is tasty, please dont reply to this post...Im looking for those who have eaten ramen in japan...


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  1. Ok. HOw are asahi ramen and ramen-ya inferior to ramen in japan? Always ready to learn.

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    1. re: Jerome

      hey thanks Joe B!

      I didnt mean to offend anyone here...I by no means am a ramenEXPERT either...


      I have spent hours in line at the most legendary ramen shops in, tokyo, ogikubu, osaka, kyoto...

      I have been blessed to have great friends who have smart tounges :-P

      I must say...I used to think the WORLD of asahi ramen...I forced some of my japanese friends from jp to eat there...and they were pretty disapointed in me to say the least...

      so the first time i when to jp...the day i landed they took me to YOSHIMURAYA in yokohama...Its a tonkotsu based ramen btw...I must say, i was absolutely blown away...Since that moment over 5 years ago...I have been changed forever...

      if you want more info on Tokyo ramen go here:

      I've been to about 4 of those places in tokyo...if you go to any of em , come back to LA and then try ramen here and actually enjoy it...Ill buy you your next bowl

      1. re: RIVALofFantasista
        Jeremy Hunter


        Thank you for the tip about Orochan.

        There is another Little Tokyo place that shouldn't be overlooked, which is Daikokuya on First Street across from the Miyako Inn.

        Not having tried Orochan, Daikokuya is galactically fine.

        The "black pig" broth will show up in your dreams for days and days afterwards. The egg is perfectly soft boiled and dissolves in the tonkotsu to form an ethereal combination... The bamboo "menma" is firm and sweet, the roast pork is silky smooth and MELTS in your mouth.

        The Gyoza is the best I've ever had in LA (I know this is a bold statement, I'm willing to stand by it.).

        In any case, every self-respecting ramen fan should at least give this place a shot.

        After this, yes, you will see that Asahi, Kinchan's and Ramen-ya are all mere pretenders...

        Good luck!


        1. re: Jeremy Hunter

          Hey Jeremy,

          thanks a lot man! I'm gonna go tomorrow! I'll report back

          1. re: RIVALofFantasista

            OK...WEll i can confirm that Orochon is god-awful

            The spiciness level is a total gimmick...

            My friend got level 3 and he almost puked after his meal...

            service was slow and poor at the same time


            1. re: RIVALofFantasista
              Jeremy Hunter

              Any luck with Daikokuya?


              1. re: Jeremy Hunter

                I'm curious to hear this report, too. Daikokuya has been one of my favorite places since it opened. And, I *have* had dreams about it!

    2. Check the link.

      P.S. I've had ramen in Japan during many of my visits, from the North to the South. It does not make me a ramen expert. In my ever-so-humble opinion, it doesn't make you an expert either.

      People will know what good food tastes like when they experience it firsthand, whether in Japan or L.A. They don't need to hear, "If you've never had ramen in Japan, you couldn't possibly know what I'm talking about."


      1. I've had ramen in Japan!


        1. How about udon at Narita?!

          1. p
            Professor Salt

            Why don't *you* try it and report back?