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Sep 29, 2008 07:11 AM

Marie's Chunky Blue Cheese Dressing

Does anyone have problems with Marie's Chunky Blue Cheese Dressing seperating? The first time I open the jar and use it - it is great. The next few times I open the jar - it isn't as thick and it seems oily. The strange part is that it seems to get thinner and oilier the more I shake the jar.

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  1. jmax ... I happen to have a jar of this in my fridge at the moment, but have not opened it yet. I will use it today and let you know later in the week if this is happening to me.

    1. Hi jmax,
      I buy it often and don't think I've ever seen that happen. After it was opened the first time, was it left out open for quite a while before re-refridgerating it? I've heard of that happening to mayo.
      I would toss it though or return it. Sorry.

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        Marie's is shelved in the refrigerated section for a reason. It has to be kept cold. If you take it home and put it on a pantry or kitchen shelf and it spoils that is your fault. The store has no reason to reimburse you for your mistake.

        But, yes, Marie's will separate. Just stir it up and proceed. You all that can get it are quite lucky. There is nothing here in the way of blue cheese dressing like Marie's. It is all sugary junk. I have been making my own with unsweetened whipped cream, real (no sugar) mayo and quality blue cheese or Roquefort. A little fresh garlic, s&p, maybe some chopped chives or whatever else moves you. Use fresh and chilled and store any left overs in the fridge.

      2. Yes, I've noticed separation. I like Litehouse blue cheese dressing so much better.

        1. Marie's dressings (all of them) are my "go to" creamy commercial dressings when I'm not making my own. Have been buying the "Chunky Blue" since they first came out with it (makes a terrific dip for hot chicken wings), & have yet to experience any sort of problem re: separation. How cold do you keep your fridge? Mine is in the high 30's. If yours is warmer, perhaps that's the problem

          1. One of my jars of Marie's blue cheese dressings got pushed back to the back of the fridge once, where things get kind of frosty. That one separated and wouldn't go back together. Usually I store it in the fridge door bin, and it's never separated there.