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Help me find gourmet near Bowmanville.

I am looking for a nice (hopefully really nice) restaurant near Bowmanville. We are stuck within a reasonably small radius, extending west to Oshawa and east to Newcastle. Is there anything good in this area?

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  1. I don't think of gourmet when I think of Bowmanville, you'll notice that Kelsey's and East Side Mario's are usually rammed....

    In Newcastle there is a shop that serves sandwiches and soups that I have heard good things about. I have never been personally.

    Yummy Pleasures: 123 King Avenue West, Newcastle ON. Open 11-7 Monday to Saturday

    Lunch Menu:


    1. Here is my post asking essentially the same question 2 years ago:

      We ended up going to Soprafino's in Oshawa. It was decent. Not near Toronto standard but way beyond your typical Clarington restaurants.

      1. I have family who live in Oshawa, and they often go to the Gallery Cafe, which is above the art gallery downtown. I have been there once and it was quite good compared to the usual Oshawa fare.

        1. Not fine dining, but I wanted to give a shout out to Norm' s Deli in Bowmanville. Colleagues pointed me to Norm's for perogies. It was a good recommendation. The perogies were as good as anything I've had in Roncesvalles.

          1. I know this is past Newcastle, in Port Hope, but could be worth the drive. It is owned by a chef/food stylist, called Zest Foods.


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              I grew up in Bowmanville and gourmet is not a word I'd use to describe any of the options, although I will second Norm's Deli. My parents do like the Zest Foods recommended above.

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                So, what I'm hearing is that I am SOL!

                Perhaps someone should open up something in the area!

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                  I attended a wedding in Bomanville this summer that was catered by a restaurant, and the food was quite good. When I recall who catered it, I'll post here. The chef used to work at some good restaurants in Toronto before opening up there.

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                    Here is the place I mentioned earlier:

                    CHANTERELLE BISTRO

                    73 KING STREET W, BOWMANVILLE, ONTARIO, L1C 1R2 TEL: 905-623-8772


                    CHANTERELLE BISTRO
                    33 Division St., Bowmanville, ON L1C2Z3, Canada

              2. I have eaten at Chanterelle Bistro in Bowmanville several times, and it is one of the top ten restaurants between Scarborough and Kingston (inclusive). It is not "gourmet" (Bowmanville & gourmet -- you're kidding, right?), but it is a good neighborhood bistro with reasonable prices.

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                  So, Suburban, how about you try it out and write a review? I guarantee it's the best restaurant in Bowmanville, and you've got to eat somewhere, right?

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                    I haven't been to Chanterelle's, but I have been to its previous incarnation, Silk's. Silk's was ok. Agreed that as a regular bistro it was just fine for entertaining a mother in law or such. Unfortunately, we just had one too many reheated prefab meals there. A pork tenderloin that I still remember to this day as being obviously stuck under a heat lamp until dessicated. So unfortunate.

                    Their specials were always excellent, fresh and delicious.

                    I do look forward to trying Chanterelle's...if they were open when they said they were! We tried eating lunch there one day, and although the hours of operation said "open" the place was locked tight. What a shame!

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                      With the greatest respect, that's whining, not dining. I think the restaurant is worth a visit at dinner where you actually try the food and give us a review!