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Sep 29, 2008 06:15 AM

Meat Question

I've seen two new cuts of meat at my grocery store. Anyone have experience with loin flap meat or Saratoga London Broil? Do these have other names? Any recipes?

The Saratoga London Broil is shapped like a triangle - I wonder if this is a Tri TIp. I've never seen a tri tip on the east coast, but have heard about it from friends out west.

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  1. I found this in an article about fajitas:

    >>If you cannot find the outside cut, there is yet another option, but one that some purists consider cheating. There is a sirloin flap that looks exactly like a skirt steak, is much more tender than the inside cut skirt steak, and has much the same flavor and texture as the outside skirt cut. Unfortunately, it too may be difficult to find.<<

    Can't help on the Saratoga LB though.

    1. I think I've read on a tri tip board that it is also called saratoga london broil.

      1. I read about tri-tip in Cooks Illustrated within the last 2 years - first I'd heard of it. Then I saw it in Trader Joe's, both plain and marinated. I tried both and didn't find them as tender or flavorful as claimed. Lately I have seen them in supermarket flyers in the Boston area.

        Wouldn't it be nice if names for meat cuts were standardized, and more accurate? I've been cooking for 40 years but I'll bet that a big reason why inexperienced cooks are afraid of cooking is that they don't know what to buy. I recall, as a neophyte, making roast beef with a bottom round; live, chew, chew harder, and learn! A pork butt is from the shoulder, for example. That's one weird-lookin' hog!