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Sep 29, 2008 05:41 AM

Best national brand butter?

inspired by the current butter thread, i am wondering, what is your favorite brand?

salted and unsalted......

i like lurpak, as it reminds me of the unsalted butter i had in italy on our fantastic rosetta rolls!

if you want to share your favorite bread / roll / quick bread recipe -- or butter "vehicle"-- please post it on the home cooking board at this thread:

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  1. Hi - Please post any recipes on the Home Cooking board - you can then post a link to a recipe here.


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    1. For salted I love Kerrygold. Great flavor and more spreadable when cold than US butters, possibly because of a higher fat content.

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        Butter is one thing I never buy by brand, it's too darned expensive.

        Store brand is fine. But it HAS to be unsalted.

      2. I find all Land o' Lakes dairy products better tasting than the other national brands and often the best value for price, too. Their butters are first class and their cottage cheese better than all others I've tried.

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        1. re: Nukedli

          Cabot is on par with Lond o Lakes...

        2. I always buy unsalted butter. Sometimes the store brand...other times Cabot if it's on sale.

          1. Pulgra is absolutely the best. I buy unsalted but it comes in salted as well. For a real treat, I have in the freezer fattorie garofalo's burro di bufala (butter made from italian buffalo milk) which is incredably rich and a great finish to a pan sauce.