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Sep 29, 2008 05:12 AM

Best of Chicago

I am planning on visiting Chicago for a long weekend in March. I want to try all the foods that are unique to the area and would appreciate any recommendations. The more casual the better. Thanks.

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    1. Obviously you must have been looking for more than a link to another discussion if you created a topic right? So you can help us, help you, if you tell us a few more details about your request.

      For example; How long will you be in town? what area of town you will be in (the Chicagoland area has over 7 million residents of every Ethnic diversity and covers over 100 square miles of urban, suburban, towns/village and even a few nearby farming comunities)? types of food that most interest you, or types of food you wish to avoid. Do you like to eat heavy meals or light? Diet restrictions? or are you staying within a budget?

      I know we havent siad much yet, but this city has virtually every style of food known to mankind. The city itself has a long list of foods that are unique to it, and *almost* every ethnic culture is represented by at least several restaurants if not entire neighborhoods.

      Let us know what your after and the sugestions will flood in.