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Sep 29, 2008 04:55 AM

Questions re: Maze in London

We will be dining at Maze in Grosvenor Square next week, and I have a few questions...

What is the usual dress there? Planning on khakis, nice shirts and no sneakers...will that be acceptable?

Any dishes to particularly try or avoid?

What is the usual tipping percentage at a place like this in London?


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  1. yes that dress will be fine. i usually tip abt 10% in london, i think that's standard? i've been to maze but it was a while ago so i cant really remember which dishes stood out it, was all v good tho so i'm sure you'll have a great meal.

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      It is a modern, smart, stylish restaurant, so full of fashionable londoners. No strict dress policy, but be aware that people do dress up for a big night on the town so it isn't scruffy.

      Best bet is to head for the tasting menu and choose a selection of the small dishes rather than going for the tradition ALC of starter, main and dessert - every dish is priced separately so you are not in for a 27 course degustation feast. This was how Jason conceived the restaurant and so allows you to try a range of things - his take on the "BLT" is a classic, almost a signature dish.

    2. Hi,
      Tip will probably be included at the bottom of the bill and be 12.5%. To be honest with you nothing sets Americans apart in London like the Navy Oxford Shirt and Khaki pants, it's considered an auto cue to point to tourists. It would be better to go in a suit without a tie to blend.

      I agree with the poster who recommended the tasting menu, you won't be disappointed. The restaurant is phenomenal.

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        If you haven't already been...You can happily go in jeans, shirt and jumper. Some people will be uber dressed up, some super-casual, ie trainers. To my knowledge, there's no strict dress code.

        We had some fantastic Arbroath Smokies, and had flights of wine to accompany each course - very good value actually. £90 a head.

        The evidence!

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          From their web site:

          Dress Code
          Casual, no shorts or sportswear, smart trainers and denim are acceptable.