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Sep 29, 2008 01:54 AM

Dinner Near the Paramount

My husband and I are going to The Phantom of the Opera at the Paramount on October 5th, at the 1pm show and I'm looking for ideas of where to go for dinner after. Although I'm from Seattle, we now live in Sequim, and I know things have changed a lot downtown and there are lots of new places.

Any suggestions?

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    Within easy walking distance. If you like mushrooms, the mushrooms with serrano ham cannot be beat. Ditto the grean beans in harissa paste. And as I've said many times before on this board, the signature dessert, El Diablo, is fantastic (definitely a dessert to share).

    1. What kind of food do you like? One of the places I like to go in the area is Bambuza, which has Vietnamese food.

      1. I like Dragonfish in the Paramount hotel. Some CH folks don't like it because it's not legit Asian fusion (if there is such a thing). But it's darn tasty and since it's a hotel restaurant they'll be open whenever you pop in after the show. (Looks like Bambuza is closed on Sundays.)

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          Actually, I don't like it because, when I was there, the drinks were watered down, the seafood was old and the service was snotty. Legit Asian fusion didn't enter into my thought process.