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Sep 29, 2008 01:12 AM

Zagreb airport.

Don't go there hungry...........I came out of there for London last week on a 14:45 flight, so I promised myself a nice bit of sit down nosebag and a glass or two of something refreshing at the airport at lunchtime. Mistake. At least the cheese sandwich was fresh, but they really need to bring in some anti-smoking legislation.

Shame, because rarely have I been anywhere nicer, fresher or more optimistic than Croatia. Zagreb and Verazdin (great lunch at the Golden Duck) were lovely.

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  1. Any recs for Zagreb restaurants? N

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      Well, it' a while ago, and we only had one night to entertain ourselves. We walked north from The Westin Hotel, past the National Theatre, turned right on a main shopping street (Llic?) and imediately left up a slight hill (Matje Mesnica?) and found an excellent place on the right hand side. I just wish I could recall its name! There looked to be plenty of civilised choices though.

      The streets were a little on the quiet side that evening. Maybe another part of town would be livelier?