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Sep 28, 2008 10:15 PM

Still searching for rehearsal/welcome dinner space.

Still searching. Welcome/ rehearsal dinner for 100 - 120 guests, May Fri night... I would welcome your insightful comments on food, service, atmosphere, etc. for possibilities:

Valbella on W. 13th (buy out) or
Michael's (W. 55th) Garden Room, or
Dos Caminos, Soho (have not seen it yet),

or any other suggestions. Grooms folks, from California, hosting dinner and would like
a 'sophisticated NY restaurant'. w/ spacious, lively cocktail hour, sit down dinner, but 'casual' !!!
Many thanks in advance!

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  1. I had an amazingly well priced brunch at 5 9th for my wedding. You can pick basically three things per course out of their regular menu plus they have a beautiful upstairs for large parties.

    1. Does Dos Caminos have a private room or is it a buy-out for that amount of people? I was at a private (work) lunch there -- it was a buy-out -- and the set up wasn't ideal, since there were many separate sections.

      Check out City Hall downtown. They have a very cool, very NYC downstairs event space.

      My rehearsal dinner was about 60 people and we did heavy passed hors d'oeuvres, cocktails, etc at PJ Clarkes at the World Financial Center. We were outside, had perfect weather and everyone loved it. It was a nice way to mingle and have a more relaxed event since the wedding sit-down dinner thing is always so formal. I don't know if they can accommodate a party your size.

      Good luck!

      1. Dos Caminos could be fun as Mexican places tend to have good food and really good drinks. I had my rehearsal dinner at Remi. They have a private room and the food was fantastic. They also have access to an outdoor space, which is nice when the weather is good. I also went to a rehearsal dinner at Brasserie 9 1/2. They have a private room too.

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          My first thought for great food and entertaining out-of-town guests is Il Cortile in Little Italy. I'd suggest seeing if you can buy out the Garden Room and adjacent Bar Area. The food is excellent, Chef Michael doesn't dissapoint and their service is fantastic too. This place has a GREAT vibe!