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Sep 28, 2008 10:05 PM

Jack Daniel's World BBQ Championships

I am off to the Jack Daniel's World BBQ championships in Lynchburg at the end of October. I am spending 2 nights in Nasville and 2 nights in Lynchburg. Any restaurant or food recommendations? Any tips for the BBQ Championships?

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  1. Figure on at least one day of lots of rain.There always is.

    I assume you have had your rooms booked since last year.

    Parking is virtually impossible,so be prepared for walking.

    If you intend to eat at Miss Mary Bobo's,make your reservations now.

    If you want cookoff memorabilia,get to the Jack store as soon as you hit town.

    When you tour the distillery,ask for David Roper's tour group and what time.

    He is the best and a comp judge and cookoff ambassador.

    You won't be able to sample the cook teams bbq,but ask some of them which vendors you should sample.

    Usually ,a couple of good non competing teams will be vending for the local high school fund raiser.