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Sep 28, 2008 08:18 PM

Banana Cream Pie

gosh, this is my fav dessert and I do the traditional pudding, bananas and homemade whipped with a pastry crust but open to a vanilla wafer crust or graham it that much better?
I just can't believe I haven't done the wafer pie thing..only in small pudding cups..wafers got does it play in pie mode?

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  1. Emeril makes the most amazing banana cream pie for their new orleans fish restaurant in Vegas. They use graham cracker with mashed banana in it for the crust. It's $9/slice and worth every penny. When I worked on the strip I would have a bread, a bowl of lobster bisque and a slice of pie for a $20 dinner.

    Recipe can be found on food network.

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    1. re: woot4fun

      I had a bite of this at Delmonico's Vegas and it was so unbelievably good.
      Thanks so much for the link..I am going to make it tonight!
      I'm surprised with only a half of a banana and that its mashed..debating on the caramel swirl and chocolate shavings..what the hell..I worked out for 2 hours today.. ; )

      1. re: Beach Chick

        I've made the Food network recipe. Really good! Not so hard to make either. Yum.

      2. re: woot4fun

        One of the best crusts for BCP is from America's Test Kitchen. It's basically a traditional pie crust, but with 1/2 cup of graham cracker crumbs pressed in to both sides of the dough. I've made this several times and it's a big hit.

      3. omg..made the pie tonight from Emeril's and it is out of this world good..thank you.

        1. Beach Chick, the pie sounds really good, and I just happened to plan on making a banana cream pie this weekend. I noticed in the reviews that people talk about the recipe changing. Did you use the current version that woot4fun posted from the food network site? Also, did you make the sauces to serve alongside? Thanks.

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            hi bear and all..
            I usually never stick to a recipe..but this one I did..
            I have made banana cream pie with the chocolate layer on the pie crust and graham and both are so bloody good.
            I'll have to try the smashed graham cracker with the pie crust..sounds good too.
            I am not a dessert eater..more a wine and cheese chick but love a good banana cream pie and this was one of the best I have ever made!
            had the sauces on the side but didn't use them.
            keep us posted how yours turned out..

          2. This is my favorite dessert, too, but I have neve made it before. One version that I particularly love is made at a local Northern California restaurant that has a layer of dark chocolate on the graham cracker crust with the usual filling and a whipped cream topping.