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Sep 28, 2008 08:16 PM

Mon Ami Gabi for lunch?

I hadn't realized Mon Ami Gabi was open for lunch. Has anyone tried it? Anything outstanding? Thanks!

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  1. We do business lunches there... it's not my first choice, but my objection to it is mainly that it feels prefabricated and a little too faux-Paris-cutesy.

    If you can put all that nonsense out of your mind then I've had the mussels, which I thought were good -- and the appetizer size is big enough for lunch, in my opinion. For the main dishes I've had the Truite Grenobloise and liked it - I have to admit I've never had this dish anywhere else so I can't compare it to some ideal version, but it was buttery and tasty. I haven't had the crepes in a while; my recollection is that they're too large, too much stuff in them.

    For steak frites I'd go to Persimmon.

    1. We go there for brunch/lunch every couple of months and prefer the daytime menu to the dinner menu--more choices besides steaks, more interesting overall. My favorite dish is the seafood crepe, large chunks of shrimp, scallops and leek in a lovely cream sauce. I also like the four cheese crepe,you'll only eat half but it's a nice combination. I did not care for the open face shrimp salad sandwich--poorly conceived. My husband really likes the sea scallops gratinee. On the weekends there's a make your own bloody mary bar.

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        The new Reston location is superior to either Bethesda or Las Vegas both in ambience and in execution.

      2. My husband and I had lunch at the Reston location today and really enjoyed it. I had the steak sandwich with frites and he had the chicken and gruyere crepe that came with a frese salad. I really liked the mustard sauce on the sandwich. My husband loved his crepe. We're excited to have a bistroty type of restaurant in Reston. Can't comment on the dining room as we ate outside. We like the urban atmosphere that is shaping up at that end of the Town Center minus the loud Metro buses.