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Sep 28, 2008 07:10 PM

Wondering about Wa's (CGY)

Can anyone fill me in on the current status of Wa's? I have been calling since Friday but there is no answer. I went today to see what was happening; unfortunately I arrived between lunch and dinner. There was no notice I could see about a longer closure, but still no answer when I called tonight. I had plans to meet a colleague there tomorrow night so I am running out of time! Any info appreciated.

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  1. Amhaffen, so did you end up meeting your colleague at Wa's? I'm very curious as Wa's is my favourite sushi place in town. I haven't been there in a few weeks. I hope nothing's happened to them.

    1. Would be very disappointing if Wa's closed. Perhaps renovations? They had a very interesting menu, with one of my favorite rolls in the city - 6 pieces of simple maki consisting of tempura bits and avocado, arranged vertically. Then on top of each one was a beautiful arrangement of fish, each one was unique. For example, one had a piece of unagi, one was a spiral of salmon with roe on top, etc.

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        I called Wa's today and was able to make reservations for this Thursday. So looks like business as usual. Thank goodness!!! My favourite there is their agedashi tofu served with all the traditional condiments... and also their tempura too.. the batter is so light and flaky... I like the fact that they are so authentic! Their sushi is very good too.

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          Thanks for reporting back - will have to make it my civic duty to visit Wa's in the near future!

          1. re: miss.foodie

            Thanks for the info miss.foodie! I'm glad to hear they are still going strong - I have never had an experience like that with a restaurant calling for days with no answer. I was still getting no answer Monday noon so we went elsewhere. To satisfy my curiousity after reading your post I called and asked - bad timing on my part they were closed last weekend.

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              Just curious, I remembered that Wa's was closed weekly on Tuesdays - exactly the same off day that Shikiji down the street had as well (which was always strange to me as one of them could easily capitalize on the other's off-day by "getting their customers"). But if you called on a Tuesday and they were open, perhaps they changed their schedule. Can you fill me in?

              1. re: jay_kay

                Sorry I didn't bother to check the business hours at the door earlier tonight. I called around 1:30 pm on Tues and they were open. I think a long time ago (like a few years ago) they were closed on certain days of the week. I thought recently they were open most days. I can't remember... but I have their phone number stored in my cell phone and I always call ahead (even if it's just half hour before I show up)... to make reservations.

                Anyways, tonight the food was solid as usual.. I expect no less from this place.

                1. re: miss.foodie

                  Thanks for the details. Yes, my understanding of it being closed on Tuesday is a few years old, but sounds like they might be open week-round now. Might I ask what you ate on this particular occasion?

                  1. re: jay_kay

                    Because the friend I was having dinner with had to play hockey afterwards, we didn't go too wild with the food last night. We mainly ordered sushi from the list as well as an order of yam tempura. We had both salmon roll and the negitoro roll (green onion and toro). As well from the sushi list, we had some hamachi (yellowtail), saba(mackeral), special scallop, tuna and salmon sashimi. The tuna sashimi was particularly good last night as was the hamachi.

                    Though I didn't order it last night, I love their raw oysters.. they serve them with an asian-style mignonette. Also, I think I had mentioned earlier, I love their agedashi tofu (served with traditional condiments) and assorted tempura. I sometimes also like to order their noodles (eg. their udon noodles are served with traditional condiments such as sesame seed and togarashi. I go there often during the lunch hour to have their set lunches.