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Sep 28, 2008 06:52 PM

50TH Birthday Cape Cod, Restaurant?

We are looking for a nice restaurant in the Harwich area to celebrate a 50th brithday. There will be 7 adults and 2 children. Looking for delecious food and nice enviorment that is reasonably price.
Seafood, American or Italian would be the preferance. We will be staying a few days so would also like a casual lunch place and a Sunday brunch. Thanks for any help you can give me...want to make the birthday special.

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  1. Cape Sea Grill - H'Port
    The Port - H'Port
    Ocean House - Dennisport for 25.00 3 course menu
    All nice environments and not cheap but fairly priced. My vote is for the 3 course at Ocean House. How can you beat it? Only night NOT offering the menu is Mon. Tue. and Sat. My friends went last night and had rave reviews.

    1. I second Luci's suggestion of the Ocean House, fabulous food and views (if the fog allows)

      1. Thank you...I will look check them all out. Ocean house sounds great but we will need a Saturday.

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          You may dine Sat. but there are no 3 course menus.