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Sep 28, 2008 06:41 PM

Steak in LA

I'm looking for a good steak house, but there really seems to be mixed opinions on a lot of places.

Ruth's Chris Beverly Hills vs. Pasadena.... is there really a difference since it is a chain?? I've only been to the Beverly Hills one - what's the atmosphere like in Pasadena, the outside seems to be more "modern".

Mastro's?? Chain again.... friend had a good experience there.

Cut?? Recently on Bon Appetite's top 3 steak houses in the US

STK? overrated?


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  1. Haven't been to CUT, so I can't say anything about that. Went to Wolfgang's a couple of times, I would have to say closest thing to Peter Luger's if that's your thing. Just stay away from appetizers and deserts.

    1. I like Morton's. Better than Ruth Chris, more reasonable than either Cut or Mastros,

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        Not a traditional steak house (but that's not a bad thing, right?), but I loved Jar.

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          I second CUT. I think the caliber of the meat here is just a cut (pun intended) above everyone else, though I'll admit i haven't been to vaunted Wolfgang's (it's on my list). Do be sure to try the genuine Japanese Wagyu, as that's what really sets the place apart from the rest of the pack. Finally, the apps are generally more cutting edge than at most steakhouses (though they aren't always winners), as are the desserts. My last visit is documented here:

        2. This is an age old question on this Board and I have decided that the answer depends on what you mean by "good". No one place has everything and it all depends on what you want. It has come to the point where asking where the best steak is is little different from asking who has the best food. I think there are four major definitions:
          1. 1950s clubby alcoholic boys' night out steak. Lots of fun, things just keep coming and you'll remember your dining partners with great fondness (Dal Rae, Arroyo Chop House).
          2. Traditional thick juicy meat heaven. May not be much else, and rarely a bargain, but if it's soul satisfying steak you're after, pay the man and enjoy (Arnie Morton, Mastro's).
          3. Duded up meat or lots of sauces where the kitsch is the thing. Maybe you don't really like beef, but the occasion is the thing and you want something different (Ruth's Chris, Nick and Steph's).
          4. A Hound experience. Steak is boring and you want to see how interesting cow can be. Lots of flavor and interesting textures, but not traditional steak (Cut, Three Forks, Fogo de Chao).
          There are innumerable additional categories (bargains: Taylor's, Damon's; atmosphere: Dakota [IMHO], Saddle Peak; wines: Pacific Dining Car) but I think these four are the major classes.
          I welcome comments and additions.

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            think - girl's night including a few chowhounders (celebrating my birthday) .. upscale... girls who love a medium/medium-rare steak, appetizers, sides , dessert coffee & wine of course. an overall good meal, not just "good meat". Something more social, yet yummy where we won't be left disappointed.

            definately not Damons or anything of the sort etc..

            1. re: DaisyDaisy

              Have you been to Fogo de Chao? It's a Brazilian steakhouse in Beverly Hills (other locations as well) with a very good all you can eat salad bar and the Steak Gaucho's come to your table and carve the meat off of giant skewers onto your plate. Just a thought.

              Fogo De Chao
              133 N La Cienega Blvd, Beverly Hills, CA 90211

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                With those additional notes, I would say Jar is your best bet. While Cut can be wonderful, especially the appetizers, the reservation you are likely to get will either be early (circa 6) or late (post 9:30)--it might still be a prime steak but it won't be a prime time. Wolfgang's is an outstanding steak, very much in the Peter Luger's vein, but little else is memorable there (ok, the bacon appetizer is pretty great).

            2. Cut, but best enjoyed on a corporate expense account.

              Morton's in Beverly Hills for no-frills steak and steakhouse experience.

              Wolfgang's for that uber-cool east coast steak. Maybe the best NY Strip I've ever had, on either coasts.