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Chowhounders anonymous!

I discovered chowhound about a month ago through a newspaper article and in the past few weeks have become thoroughly addicted, checking the forums several times a day, posting thousands of words a week (it helps that I'm on holiday).

Anyway I was wondering:

1. how other people found chowhound?

2. is anyone else addicted?

3. also -not entirely related - but is their a limit/recommended length that a post should be?

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  1. 1. Bumpt into it looking for a recipe.
    2. Many CH'ers check it several times a day. As you read more, you'll get to know.
    3. Mostly they're pretty brief, but sometimes they get long to cover a thought more in depth or for a recipe. As you read more, you'll get to know.

    If Chowhound has you addicted, wait till you see http://www.tastespotting.com/

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      1. re: harryharry

        Aw shucks. I heard about it on Chowhound.

    1. Found it while looking up restaurant reviews in Chicago.
      I was addicted for about 1 year! :) It's tapered off for now..but I ALWAYS check Chowhound when running into a recipe or food question

      Happy Hounding to you.

      1. I discovered CH through google, often through searching for restaurants, stores, foods and it always came up, I began to wonder what this site was all about, still didn't pay much attention to it until finally one day decided to give it a chance and figure out how it works. I was desperate to post something too.

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          Found CH after I heard a friend talk about it a couple years ago....been addicted since. If I am at home it is always an open window on my laptop and I'll check it many times through the day...when I work I only check the wine board if at all but log on when I get home.

        2. I found Chowhound through a link on John Thorne's website over ten years ago. Addicted? 'fraid so! I've watched Chowhound grow from really just a handful of participants, where I recognized every name. As you might guess, it's a personal place for me. I learn something every day and I get to be the go-to person for family and friends when they want good eats! Lots of posters I view as friends. Have fun. That's what it's for.

          1. I don't remember how I found it, but I'm sure I was searching for a recipe or a wine. I've been addicted for while. I read all over, mostly posting in wine.

            1. I discovered chowhound after I heard Tony Bourdain mention it.

              I have a addictive personality, so this is a given.

              I often post encyclopedic replies concerning baking techniques, but even my longest pale in comparison to those of Father Kitchen.

              1. I learned of CH from Calvin Trillan's book Food Zen something or other. There is a chapter about NYC foodies and Senor Lefler.
                I enjoy the wit, good writing and to read about food. Used it Sat. night to find an excellent restaruant in the Boston area where we were staying 1 night in an unfamiliar Chain Heaven area.
                I get zapped when I'm an idiot and rightly so. It must either be the wine or the "y" chromosome.
                It is an escape from rural boredom and helps w/ insomnia.

                1. I found it while looking for a restaurant review. Despite there not being a lot of Tulsa or Oklahoma chowers on the boards, I found a lot of the general topics and home cooking boards to be useful.
                  I usually keep it up in the background at work and check to see if anything posted on a thread I had read.... athough lately some of the threads don't show up when someone posts on them, so I have to go check on the board itself.

                  1. Hello! My name is Dawn, aka Cookiefiend!
                    I'm a Chowhound addict.

                    A friend of mine turned me on to it when we were discussing Las Vegas recs in April 2007, she said "I found this fun site called Chowhound, you should check it out!" I flirted on the outside edges for about a month before jumping in and generally making a pest of myself.

                    Woo hoo!

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                    1. re: Cookiefiend

                      I found it years ago, can't remember how.
                      I am thoroughly addicted. Stuck on the sofa, all day in my jammies, obsessively addicted.

                      I think there might be an intervention soon...

                    2. There is no limit or recommended length for a post.

                        1. 1. I found it about 10 years ago, I think in a New Yorker article. Possibly by Calvin Trillin.

                          2. I wax and wane. Sometimes I check back a couple times a day and sometimes I go for a few days without looking. For some reason, the original site format, while really messy, always kept me engrossed. Since the redesign, I feel like there seems to be less new stuff in the discussion boards. I don't know why I feel that way. It's probably untrue. But there seems to be more repetition and more re-hashing of old subjects in the past couple of years.

                          3. I'd say no. But remember that most people won't read anything really long. Might skim, but won't read. Unless it's a particularly interesting post.

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                          1. re: Kagey

                            1. how other people found chowhound?

                            I was Googling for info about a restaurant

                            2. is anyone else addicted?

                            I can't believe I'm saying this, but no. I was. The software glitches just did me in. The latest is unworkable for me because the font size and colors give me eye fatigue and a headache

                            In the past I kept a window open to Chowhound while I worked and it was a pleasant little break and diversion. Now I scan it once a day to see if the text problem has been fixed and what I can read within the time when my eyes give out.

                            I guess what surprised me ... I don't miss it.

                            Maybe it's because Chowhound gave me the skills to know how to eat better and broadened my food world ... which I'll always be grateful ...you know ... give a man a fish and you feed him one meal. Teach a man to fish and he is fed for life.

                            The skills i've learned here ... well, I know how to fish now and don't really need the site anymore. It will be nice if the text gets fixed. If not ... eh. I'm happy enough exploring my food world on my own.

                            3. also -not entirely related - but is their a limit/recommended length that a post should be?

                            Lord, no ... I was one of the yappiest. But as someone said, the longer the post, the less likely people will read it.

                            Break up your posts into paragraphs. One long block of print and even when I was reading more posts, those were always a challenge.

                            Have fun. I know from experience you will enjoy it and learn a lot. Be sure to post. That keeps the info on the board fresh.

                            1. re: rworange

                              Yeah, people do disappear. A few years ago galleygirl and sir gawain had a lot of action going on with their summer fruit tart and cake. Now they are nowhere to be found. And others, also. It's a movable feast.

                              1. re: yayadave

                                So true... I tried that fruit tart last winter, and they weren't around to thank! Great tart though :)

                                1. re: foxy fairy

                                  You could probably put together a nice little booklet from all the threads about those two recipes and CH'ers variations and tips.

                                  1. re: yayadave

                                    galleygirl is still busy, I believe, on the Boston board....

                                    1. re: fredid

                                      Oppps!! I tried to check my accuracy before I posted, but I must have done something wrong in the search. I don't see the Boston board much. Apologies to all.

                            2. re: Kagey

                              Chowhound text too small? (Mac) command +, (Windoze) Alt + ...and VOILA! Text gets bigger. The computer geek's alternative to reading glasses!

                              I am annoyed that the vision-challenged among us now have to do this, but then there's so much annoying about the New Look anyway, so what the heck.

                              And yes, I am an addict. Check in maybe four times a day... and though I do complain about the format, at least it's no longer those endless undifferentiated rows of blue text on a featureless background!

                            3. I found Chowhound in the late '90's, largely through Calvin Trillin. I seem to recall coming across another mention of it around the same time, I had clipped it from a magazine and carried it with me as a reminder to see what it was all about...Lurked sporadically for years, until I finally had a computer at home and a fast enough connection to check frequently.

                              Addicted? Well, food obsessed enough that recently I slipped when entering an e-mail address and typed @hotmeal instead of "hotmail"!

                              1. I first heard about chowhound when the media covered Jim Leff's tour of Toronto a few years ago. But I didn't actually get on the site until I stumbled on it while googling something about a year and half ago, wish I could remember what it was -- probably a restaurant, not a recipe.

                                Anyway, yes. Totally addicted. I['m on at home and work. When I go away for a few days to our cottage up north where we have no computer or internet access, I actually suffer withdrawal symptoms.

                                As far as post lengths go, please put spaces between paragraphs, especially the longer posts. Much easier to read.

                                1. I stumbled on Chowhound 22 months ago when I was checking on road improvements between Mexico City and my golf course in Malinalco. I think the monitors would pay me a modest "mordita" to go away...:)
                                  I have made friends, attended two weddings, and have art on the wall (thanks to alkapal) and I have serious unfilled barroom and dining offers and obligations on two continents. All good fun!
                                  And I cook better.

                                  1. Found CH just YESTERDAY!!!! Ran across a mention of it on TripAdvisor - another addictive site.....I was normal and then a week ago my husband replaced the big ol' computer in guest room w/ new wireless laptop for me....I may burn through the battery in my mouse in record time... there are so many witty, adventurous, informative people here....a true delight!

                                    1. 1. I found Chowhound after 9/11. My sister (GM at NYC resto) told me about it. It was sort of a comfort to connect with people over such a comforting topic as food. The boards were very different then...

                                      2. I used to be. There wasn't as much volume when I first found CH, so when I checked out the boards it was actually possible to read all the posts (at least the ones that caught my interest). Now sometimes it's overwhelming, and a lot of the same topics cycle through. I go through cycles, too, where I just need to take a break.

                                      3. Limit on comments? Just keep them on topic.

                                      Happy hounding.

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                                      1. re: Non Cognomina

                                        Been out here for about five years now and cannot for the life of me remember how I first found it. And yes, I'm somewhat of an addict.

                                        Welcome to the gang!

                                      2. Totally, completely addicted! I started down the road about a year ago when planning a two week trip to NYC. With SO much food there, I didn't want to reinvent the wheel. Don't know where I first heard of it. I agree with the poster that the longer posts, I tend to skim unless it's near and dear to my heart. Now i use it when I've bought a special ingredient (recently salt-packed anchovies and chanterelle mushrooms - no, not to be cooked together, silly)

                                        1. I'm less of a fiend now that I'm employed. I found it about 2 years ago, after a NY Times article.

                                          1. 1. I was searching for vegan info for Budapest (for my husband who was going on a business trip) when I found chowhound. Then stuck around and checked it for gluten-free, vegan recommendations in Budapest, Vienna, and London when we began planning to go together.

                                            2. My husband would say I'm addicted to various groups, including chowhound.

                                            3. Don't know. I would guess that if it's too long people won't read it unless of very specific interest to them.

                                            1. 1. how other people found chowhound?
                                              A coupla years ago a friend told me about this site that had so much information about local restaurants, markets and cooking I just had to find it for myself. I lurked for about a year then held my nose and jumped in....

                                              2. is anyone else addicted?
                                              Addicted? Why no. Of course not. Just because this is the first site I check in the morning even before my e-mail doesn't mean I'm addicted. Does it?

                                              3. also - not entirely related - but is there a limit/recommended length that a post should be?
                                              Gosh I hope not. Although once I've had my say on a topic I retreat back into my cave. Usually. OK maybe not right away.

                                              1. I've been on here a couple of years now, started while searching info about DC's Restaurant Week on Google. I hang out on the WDC board and Home Cooking, mostly, but venture into a few other threads (like this one) from time to time. Semi-addicted, depending on my time commitments. I spend more time on CH when I have more time to cook & socialize.