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Sep 28, 2008 05:52 PM

Birthday Dinner - Fraught with Indecision!

My family is coming into town for my birthday weekend, and I am meant to plan a special Saturday dinner out. There are just too many restaurants and I can't figure out which are actually worth going to!! I love food, and love to really enjoy a meal, so please help me figure this out!
Here are my specs:
-I live near West 14th, so somewhere in West Village/Greenwich/Lower Chelsea is preferable, but am will to go beyond walking distance for something great.
-I am looking for a smaller restaurant, nice and special occasion appropriate, but preferably keeping entrees to the $25-35 range.
-Both I and my sister are vegetarians except for fish and seafood, so options in that category would be great -- I especially LOVE scallops and mussels, so any specifics in that direction would also be great! I am also a big fan of multiple appetizers rather than entrees, so a broader menu is nice.

Clearly I would like someplace that is reliable, because bad service/food is a no no for birthday!

I have thought about Spotted Pig, August, Pearl Oyster Bar, North Square....any words on those places are also welcome.

Thanks in advance!!

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  1. I don't like North Square--dated look and mediocre food. Spotted Pig is great but no reservations, which isn't ideal for a birthday meal. Also no reservations at Pearl Oyster Bar. August is a good idea. I'd also recommend checking out Little Owl, Perilla, and Perry Street.

    1. If you want to journey a bit, Tides Seafood on the Lower East Side is very cute and has all the seafood you and our sister could desire (including scallop and mussel dishes.) Nearer you, Alta has a plethora of small, tasty dishes, including seafood and vegetarian dishes, and has a great atmosphere.

      1. Aquagrill on Spring street