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Sep 28, 2008 05:18 PM

What's up with momofuku these days...?

Always loved it but haven't been in a the pork buns to start...a little off, hoisin sauce borderline nonexistant...then the momofuku ramen...seemed a little meagre on the pork which was also a little dry. And the noodles were overcooked...

Also, 16 bucks for the momo ramen now? I don't remember it being that expensive - have they bumped up prices recently? The chicken wings (which I also love) are now 11 bucks?! The beer prices are also crazy...9 bucks for a 12oz titan IPA...hello??!!

I know there are those who love it and those who don't on this board but interested in hearing from the former if I was just unlucky today or whether it is on the slide??!

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  1. Never been there, but we've been thinking of going, but those prices are scarey,

    $16 for ramen!!

    Momo seems to be one of those hate it or love it places, no inbetween.

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    1. re: gorlanko

      Yeah, you can get much better ramen for less than that in the vicinity.
      I went tonight and I was extremely disappointed.

      Kimchi was very salty and over-ripe. Both the pork and momo ramen were also extremely salty. The pork belly was also so very salty. I had to poor a glass of water into my ramen to eat it w/o gagging. Yes, ramen is typically salty, but this was beyond that. My mouth is still very dry 3 hours after the meal - that's how bad it was.

    2. Doesnt sound like Momofuku has changed at all.

      1. If you're looking for great ramen at better prices, try Minca's on 6th.

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        1. re: douglas525

          Minca, which is great, is on 5th between Ave A and B.

          1. re: douglas525

            Minca's is good (and definitely cheaper), but I have always preferred Momofuku's ramen. About half-way through, Minca’s flavoring becomes a bit much.

            That being said, $16 is ridiculous.

          2. My husband and I walked in for the first time for lunch on Sunday. We shared a 22-ounce lager from Okinawa, then started with the soy sauce egg, which we LOVED. Then the hamachi with beets, horseradish and apples, lightly sprinkled with sea salt. Another hit. He had the pork ramen and I had the momo ramen, with the extra portion of pork and the poached egg. I wish I'd tasted his before he hit it with the hot sauce, to see if there was any difference in flavor, but I really enjoyed mine. I stirred the nearly raw egg into the broth and noodles and it was rich and delicious. He used just a little too much hot sauce, it seemed to me, as he "phew"ed and sweated his way through the whole bowl, nothing left at the bottom, so I'm just saying - that old pain/pleasure thing, I guess... Out of curiosity, we shared a little bowl of oatmeal soft-serve ice cream - didn't finish it, but it was interesting.

            I'd definitely return, if for no other reason than soy sauce egg! But everything else was good, too.

            Yes, I agree, dining is expensive these days, but you know that going in... We can eat cheaply at home; we go out for treats.

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            1. re: Deenso

              Could you describe the soy sauce egg? I haven't been to the Noodle Bar in years but this sounds like a potential reason to return.

              1. re: D...DF

                It was served in a small bowl, cut in half. The yolk was cooked just enough beyond soft-boiled to hold together when sliced, but really soft and golden. It was garnished with tiny bits of frizzled leeks, minced scallion I think, and sea salt. We asked the server how it was prepared. She said it was boiled in water, sherry, soy sauce - she might have mentioned sugar, but I'm not sure about that. Fantastic! If you're alone, one egg as an appetizer might suffice, but we each only got a half and it took all our self control not to order another... and another...

                I don't know if this dish is on the regular menu - we never saw one. It was on the blackboard, so it might have been a special of the day. I'd advise calling ahead, if you've got your heart set on that particular item, just to be on the safe side.

            2. To be honest, I love Momofuku Ssam Bar but I've never been a fan of the Noodle Bar. They give you way too little broth and way too much stuff that overwhelms the bowl. If you want good ramen, the best is Ippudo. It's pricey but worth it.

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              1. re: bionicgrrl

                Momo noodle bar is such a rip off. The noodles are mushy, which anyone who knows noodles knows that it must be chewy/al dente. And when you complain they do nothing.
                if you like soy sauce egg, go to the cart on canal street - 4 for 1 dollar (it used to be 5 for 1dollar). 16 bucks for noodles that are over boiled? If Momo was in Asia, it would last one day.

                1. re: dec111

                  i agree. mushy noodles. pork that's been sitting in water for how knows how long. just not a fan. rai rai ken. menchenko tei. . .many other better places.

                  1. re: bionicgrrl

                    We thought we'd try Ssam Bar for lunch today, but they were closed - reopening for dinner. Looked like they were painting the place. Another time...