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Sep 28, 2008 05:04 PM

Thanksgiving in Picton: Anyone been to Blumen Garden Bistro?

My extended family (there are seven of us of us) will be in Picton for Thanksgiving weekend, we're looking for a restaurant for a nice meal. Harvest sounds amazing, but probably a little too expensive and upscale. This is a new place in town (I think it opened just this spring) so I'm looking for some feedback.

Any other suggestions would be appreciated as well. We'd be willing to drive anywhere in the area, but we are staying in Picton.

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          1. Here is my experience at Bulmen Garden Bistro.

            Went there for dinner at the recommendation of a local patron. The service was appalling. We waited one hour for the appetizers and another hour for the mains. They offered to make up for it with a free coffee. Not acceptable. Who wants coffee when they finish their main course at 11:00pm. The wait ruined the evening and with the food taking so long, you’d think you wouldn’t have to wait a half hour to get a basket of bread brought to the table.

            There was a group of rude, drunk people who were loud and disruptive sitting in another room. They should have closed the door so other patrons could enjoy their meals in a relaxed manner.

            They got greedy trying to fill the house with as many tables as possible. Their kitchen was slammed and clearly they weren’t in a position to deal with the numbers. Most disappointing, especially given that they seem to think it was ok that we wait as along as we did without offering to compensate us with more than a coffee! Don’t waste your time.