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Sep 28, 2008 04:51 PM

Pocono/Stroudsburg Area

I go to East Stroudsburg University, and there is only so much college food you can eat. I'm from Jersey so I frequently go up to New York City for dinner, and was wondering if anyone knew of any really good restaurants around here. I'm okay with Texas Roadhouse every once in a while, like any of the chains, but am looking for something good/different.

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  1. Johnny's Hot Dogs Rt. 46!!!!

    1. "looking for something good/different".

      about 10 mile south of esu on rt33 is hartman's two restaurant in belfast. it is an average, at best, family style/diner type restaurant, but the 2nd thurs of each month they serve baked stuffed pig's stomach. there aren't too many places to get this regional specialty anymore. i suspect they have a butcher make it for them. i don't recommend this place for anything else.

      general advise for eastern pa is go for the special as long as it's not a regular menu item.

      gotta get to old forge at least once before you leave esu:
      (scroll down for my post


      not a restaurant, but mr pastie in penn argyle makes/sells a regional specailty called - surprise - pasties. giant in wind gap sells them frozen (and other supermarkets), but they are always hard to find due to limited shelf space:

      there's an old school made-to-order fastfood place in wind gap that has decent soups including hard to find pepper pot:

      1. Linda,
        If you're going down to Belfast, go to ... Crap. I'm blanking on the name. Something Mer. Anyhow, it's right off of 33 to the east, on the Left side at the intersection with 191.
        I found a bunch of old threads a while ago looking for a place in the Stroudsburg area. I know that there were a bunch that I was really kind of excited about, but I was only going to be in the area for lunch. I think that End of the Trail (right off of the AT on the Penna side of the river) was one that was highly regarded. There were a couple in the downtown area that were well regarded.
        If you want to travel a little further afield, but not as far as NYC, Easton is getting a lot of better places. On, or just off of, Sullivan Trail (191 exit, turn right and Right again onto 191S) you have Fat Daddy's BBQ (phenomenal dry-rubbed ribs and pulled pork); Mediteranean Cafe (Lebanese Deli in strip mall across from Giant). Downtown Easton, you have Sogo for very good Japanese/Sushi, Phenom for good Thai, and a host of others, some I've tried, others not.
        Bethlehem is also rich in good restaurants, and just do a quick search for that. It's also a nice place to explore with a lot of cool/funky shops. (more funky on the south side).
        Good luck and let us know if you find something great in the Stroudsburg area. It's not heavily posted about, so it could use more attention.