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Sep 28, 2008 03:28 PM

STL - Run, do not walk, to Eau

Went to Eau in the Chase with picky husband Friday night for a quick bite before a movie. We decided to go to the casual side (on the right when you walk in the front door). We have been here many times over the years with varied results. We decided to sit outside. It was so glamorous. The Chase is looking really good - palm trees, pool, attractive diners. It was like 4 Seasons in Vegas. But in St. Louis, in September, for god's sake! Food was AMAZING. We both had the carpaccio, which looked disappointing when served, but it was phenomenal. Little rolls of beef, browned ever so slightly on the edges, with heirloom tomato and basil inside. Some reduction sauce drizzled on the plate. A huge parmesean frico in an equally large bowl of grainy aioli. Then hubby had the mussels which were in a broth unlike any other we'd had - mushroomy? beefy? I don't know, but it also had little pieces of (normally repugnant) eggplant which I am not sure why, but seemed like genius. Y'know how you can never sop up all the broth since you would die from eating all that bread? Eggplant solves it. I had the scallops - 2, very dry, with a little cup of some funky good rice and bits of cucumber. Also the wine list is short but creative and the service was more than adequate. Go here before the weather turns. It is expensive but so worth it. I hear Brian Hale (spelling?) is the chef - he gets all kudos. Menu has some old faves but the new is better than ever.

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