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Sep 28, 2008 03:19 PM

indian tonic in US?

I'm not sure what differentiates Indian tonic (available in Europe and UK) from plain old tonic, but I know it tastes different. Does anyone know what the difference is? And, more importantly, is it available in the US? I've tried some of the new gourmet tonics and nothing is quite the same.

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  1. Same stuff :)

    Some companies just attribute where the drink started out, in southern Asia as a prophylactic against malaria.

    1. It may be used in the same way, but the recipe is not the same, so the taste is somewhat different. (in Schweppe's for example they use sugar not HFCS)
      In Houston, Austin and wherever they have Spec's, you can buy imported Scweppe's Indian Tonic. As i recall it was somewhere between $2-$3 per bottle. (looked like about 10 oz.) So I assume that good liquor stores in your area should have it.

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        Surely Schweppes is Schewppes? I have only ever found "Schewppes indian tonic"

        1. re: Steve_K

          Where i live, it has always been called Tonic Water, occasionally Quinine Water.

          1. re: Steve_K

            Schweppes markets different products in different markets, see my question on Bitter Lemon above. I live in Bangladesh (a former part of India) and have never even heard of Indian Tonic)