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Sep 28, 2008 03:16 PM

a really good, higher end rum for a great Mojito??

I love a good mojito. I grow my own fresh mint, and have a lime tree in my yard. What I don't have is an excellent version of is the rum. I've only used the Bacardi silver, and I'm sure there has to be something better than that. I asked my local liquor store expert, and he basically said that anything more expensive than that was a waste of a good rum in a mixed drink, and that anything dark would ruin the mojito. I don't want to pay more just for the sake of paying more, but surely there's something that's a step up in the light rum world?

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  1. I'd leave light rum and go for gold - personally I use Angostura 1919 as it has some mild vanilla tones which go nicely with the mint.

    1. i made some lovely ones with 10 cane this week

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        +1 ! I fell in love with 10 Cane when it first came out.

      2. Five year old Flor de Cana

        1. Myers platinum is infinitely better than Bacardi silver, but can be difficult to find. Bacardi has a nasty astringent aftertaste. Sam turned me on to Flor de Cana from Nicaragua a while back and I enjoy it on the rocks with lime - I think it's a little beefy for a mojito, but there are many roads to Mecca.

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            Myers Platinum Rum is the way to go here. A mojito calls for a clear rum and Myers I think does the best one.

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              I have the 5 year Flor de Cana at home.... good for Cuba Libres etc., but I really enjoy sipping the Matusalem Platino. Many don't give it the attention it deserves because its Clear & Cheap.. but imho $ for $ it is THE best Rum drinking experience.... it actually tastes like Sugar Cane and is untarnished by any wood from aging... it was an eye opener for me.

              Now I will be the first to tell you I am NO rum expert... for all I know there is probably some outstanding Platino out there... that blows it away and some Cubano is probably snickering at my cluelessness. But its hard to find the great stuff and I have tried most everythign mentioned on Chowhound... and I still think the Matusalem is top notch even if its < $20

            2. Methuselah, 10 cane or angostura 1919