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good idea for extra basil?

My basil outside is in its swan song. Going crazy, and it's getting a little tough. I've made lots of pesto, and had more than a few caprese salads. Anything else inventive and simple I can do with my leftover basil?

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  1. Last year I had some awesome basil ice cream, and it was excellent. Check some food websites for recipies.

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      very similar idea -- but basil sorbets are also great!

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        Basil ice cream is to die for. I just made some last week. It's my new favorite flavor.

      2. I love basil! Put it in red pasta sauce (you can make a bunch and freeze what you don't use), make a pizza (it's super easy to make your own dough, but you can buy pre-made as well or use a tortilla for a "thin crust") with some olive oil, basil, fresh tomatoes, and a little mozzerella, it's great in omelets, sprinkle it on top of some bruschetta, or you could make bloodly marys with basil muddled in the bottom so that it subtly infuses the drink with a nice, fresh basil taste.

        I'm sure you could also dry it and store it in a spice jar?

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          I just had sort of a caprese grilled cheese that was excellent. How about bruschetta? Fettuccini or any pasta sauce and freeze. Give it away. I’d love to have someone bring a bunch to work, or my neighbor ask me if I wanted a few bunches. Nice problem! :-)

        2. grapefruit and basil sorbet is delicious!!! A friend made some and brought it to a pot-luck a few years ago. Come to think of it, it was a Granita. Sure you can find a recipe here or elsewhere on the interweb... Adam

          1. This works especially well with the flowering heads. Cover masses of the fragrant bounty with olive oil and heat- no bubbles or boiling, just long enough to pass the basil flavor into the oil. This may required numerous taste tests with bits of bread dipped in the pot (actually avoid contamination with crumbs- put a dab in a spoon and apply to bread). Store in fridge. Hardens, but goes liquid quickly when brought to room temp. Lovely on its own or added to pasta, potatoes, rice just before serving to preserve the basil flavor. Give some to your friends and they will owe you big time. This can use up tons. Also when baking, broiling, grilling- use bunches as a bed. Note that all the above are using the whole bunches as you snip them off- no picking leaves off or chopping.

            1. basil oil is lovely, i agree. i also blend it into regular recipes for hummus for a non-traditional twist.

              for something more unusual, boil with sugar and water for basil simple syrup. it's great in cocktails (i.e. basil mohitos). if you drink, you could also made infused vodkas for straight drinking or for use in a vodka martini.

              add it to gazpacho for a non-traditional version.

              chop fine and mix it into bread dough for herbed dinner rolls.

              1. For appetizers or snack I like to take a baguette and slice it into 1/2-inch pieces. I then mix finely minced garlic mix it with butter until smooth. I then spread some of this mixture onto the bread, put a few slices of basil, one or two slices of cheese of your liking preferably mozzarella or smoked gouda. Chop or puree a tomato. Sprinkle with a little bit of Salt and drizzle on top of the Toast and bake for a few minutes until cheese melts. It makes a yummy snack or appetizer!

                When I have basil left over and I do not want it to go bad I also finely chop it and put into a ice cube tray and fill about ¾ of the way full just enough to cover basil and freeze. Whenever you need it you can just pop one out of the ice tray and give your meal a hint of basil flavor! Try this with cilantro too!

                Basil and Cheese rollups are great as a snack or appetizer too! Take your favorite cheese and put basil in center and roll it up! You can add cold cuts of your liking to this as well such as prosciutto, and/or salami!

                Hope this helps!

                1. http://www.thaifoodandtravel.com/reci... (thai basil is preferred, but it works just fine with regular basil, too ... can sub any meat for the chicken.)

                  1. I just put it in ziplock bags and freeze. To use, crumble still frozen into your dish.

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                      you can also freeze pesto in ice cube trays and stir it into soups and sauces.

                    2. Set up some good will and offer some to your neighbours - or even a barter type system assuming they may be growing something or baking something you're interested in.