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Sep 28, 2008 02:43 PM

Rio Vista Restaurant, Jackson, GA

For those of us who live in the Atlanta, Georgia area and remember eating at the Rio Vista Restaurant on Moreland Avenue. It was closed a couple of years ago due toi health reason of the owner. My family enjoyed the catfish and chicken on their menus. They also had a great salad dressing.

Well the daughter of the owner on Moreland had opened the Rio Vista in Jackson, Georgia. Same great taste of catfish and chicken. If you want Southern comfort food then this is the place for you. Wait staff were great and very friendly. They also brought the salad dressing back and you can purchase it.

Their web site is It's about a ten minute drive east of Interstate 75 on Highway 36. Turn right at the courthouse in downtown Jackson and go south on Highway 36 untill you get to the Plantation Inn. Go though the parking lot at the Inn and the Rio Vista is behind the Inn.


Huey Jock

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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. In 1980 there was at least three Rio Vista restaurants in the Atlanta area, all owned by the same family. Marietta, Memorial and Moreland. I hope the food is as great as I remember. My wife and I ate at the Moreland Ave one the night before it closed.

      1. hueyjock, thanks for keeping us all posted. we will certainly give it a try.

        1. I ate at the one on Moreland once but at the one on Memorial Dr. on a regular basis in the earl to mid eighties until I moved out of the area. I know on Sundays you could get the "All you can eat catfish" and myself and a buddy of mine would go. The would bring out a picture of iced tea, a platter with french fries and hush puppies and another platter piled high with catfish. Most of the time the fish were only about 7 or 8 inches in size. cooked perfect, juicy inside crispy and seasoned just right on the outside. Between the two of us, being young men in their early twenty's, we'd eat 3 platters full of fish but only the one of french fries and hush puppies. I don't remember the exact amount we paid but I do know it was less that $10.
          Is that the way the one in Jackson does it? I'm sure it cost a little more these days.

          1. they are now closed. Don't know what happened to them.