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Sep 28, 2008 02:21 PM

Any Recommendations on South Miami Restaurants?

Are there any restaurants worth visiting for lunch or dinner within a 3 mile radius of US1 & Red Road in South Miami?

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  1. Beverly Hills Cafe is on Sunset Drive, just east of US1 on the northside of the street and it's a nice place for lunch or casual dinner. They're specialty salads are meals in themselves. And their hot yeast rolls right out of the oven are addictive. This isn't a 5-star restaurant by any means but it's reliable and good. One of my favorite "joints" is The Big Cheese which is on 67th Ave. (Ludlam Road) just 1/2 block north of US1. It's a neighborhood italian restaurant that serves big, tasty italian dishes. Gourmet? Hardly. Big, tasty, filling and a good value for the buck? You bet. Their oil/garlic drenched rolls are awesome. Heavy pizzas. Captains Tavern is a solid pick. It's on US1 just south of Sunset Drive. An older establishment that's not very fancy but those folks really, really know how to cook fish just right. This place's decor needs an update and badly but that's not to say it isn't clean or shabby or anything of the sort. They also have a very good seafood market.


    1. I like Blu Pizza. They have large individual authentic pizzas. That's right on sunset drive near US1. I also like a little french place on red road across from Gardener's Market called Cafe Pastis. They're both pretty good...

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        Pizzeria Blu and its more upscale sister restaurant, Trattoria Sole (right next door to Blu) are both really good. Blu is more casual and has pizzas, panninis, salads, while Sole has pastas, meats, and more variety.

      2. Other places:
        Jake's between Sunset and US1 on Red Road- a few notches up from Beverly Hills. For italian try Trattoria Luna about 3 miles south of Red and US1 for great italian food, outstanding service.
        Khoury's is for great mediterranian chicken kabobs I've ever had.

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          I tried Trattoria Luna & the pasta was overcooked & the bruschetta was ok. However, I will definitely try Jake's. The fact that I won't work in Boca anymore & will be back in Miami & have more options makes me happy.

        2. Captain's Tavern is a great place for seafood. The best spot in South Miami (in my opinion) is Origin Asian Bistro. The menu is rather vast and the food is Asian inspired - sushi, Thai, Cambodian, Chinese, etc, and its incredibly good. I recommend the Cambodian Scallop Amok and the Spaghetti Tuna is also interesting and tasty. Other faves of mine in South Miami are Alta Cocina, Ra Sushi (only been once but it was memorably delicious), Town (food is surprisingly good and great bar scene), and Cafe Pastis is one of the best in Miami when it comes to French food.

          With the exception of Captains Tavern, all of these places are walkable from any parking lot in the general Sunset Place area and there is plenty of street parking. South Miami has done a great job beefing up that area in the past 2-3 years.

          Captain's Tavern Restaurant
          9625 S Dixie Hwy, Miami, FL 33156

          Cafe Pastis
          7310 SW 57th Ave, South Miami, FL 33143

          Origin Asian Bistro
          5920 S. Dixie Hwy., South Miami, FL 33143

          Alta Cocina
          5837 Sunset Drive, South Miami, FL 33143

          RA Sushi
          5829 SW 73rd Ave, Miami, FL 33143

          Town Kitchen & Bar
          7301 SW 57th Ct, South Miami, FL 33143

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          1. re: Blind Mind

            Has the food at Town improved? I went a few times after it opened, and everything I had was mediocre. I had a pizza that lacked in every flavor, crust was soft, and barely any cheese. I've also tried the mussels, which were overly salty. I can't remember which flavor i tried, but i think it was spanish-style w. chorizo, etc. I had a pulled pork sandwich that looked like it came out of a can. Mind you, i'm not a food snob at all, but i was underwhelmed every time I went. The martinis are very good (if a little pricey), and I really want to like the place, because it has a cool bar scene that is lacking in South Miami.
            Should I give it another shot?

            1. re: jessicam29

              I would. I had the scallops there one time and they were really good. Im a total scallop connoisseur too. They werent fresh out of the ocean (obviously) but they were cooked perfectly and the mushroom ragu was great. I also had a good pizza there and a chicken dish that I really enjoyed. Im not saying its THE spot to get a bite but the food is above average (at least when I went) and the bar scene and overall scene is lively.

              1. re: Blind Mind

                I'll admit, its been about a year since the last time I went to Town, but I think I've been convinced to give it another shot!

          2. The best in south miami are Alta Cocina and Origin Asian bistro no doubt.
            Blu is very good but I find it expensive for pizza and for lunch.

            Jakes does not open for lunch, town kitchen and bar is a good place, kind of a cheese cake factory food concept.

            But if you are a foodie visit alta cocina or origin you will enjoy.